Are you going to keep them safe?
Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:18

The girl that Kit had spoken to was wearing a black shirt and gray skirt, which was pretty much the opposite of what Kit was wearing. The first year Lyra thought that was pretty nifty. She liked meeting new and different people - she was the sort of person who talked to street performers on Pearl Street, much to her father's amusement and what he claimed to be her mother's concern. The girl also had short, curly black hair which was also almost the opposite of Kit’s wild red hair that had been neatly tucked into a braid down the back of her neck. Or kind of neatly anyway. Not too messily. Okay maybe she could have done with some help from Marissa. Kit knew her older sister was good at things like hair and fashion.

“I'll distract them and you'll sneak up on them!” Kit responded to the older girl’s question. “black is an excellent sneaking color.”

There were very few things in Kit’s wardrobe that were black. Kit was not a person that was excellent at sneaking. She was much more likely to throw herself into something with an unwavering, intense excitement. This lesson was an excellent example of something Kit was way too excited for.

“Come on, let's go before other people beat us!” Kit grabbed the girl’s hand with one of hers, and grabbed a broom with the other. She tugged on the black-haired girl's arm. “hurry hurry!”

  • After you explode, can I keep your guts? - Stella E.M. Ramiro, Sat Jul 22 11:56
    Stella didn't do sports. That isn't to say that she wasn't good at sports- her various misadventures made her quite hasty and forced her to be able to hold her own. Over the course of her first year... more
    • Are you going to keep them safe? - Kit, Sat Jul 22 12:18
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