Also Another Minor in "Bwuh?"
Sat Jul 22, 2017 16:50

Hunter caught the ball (or Quod or whatever) that his partner tossed back to him and zoomed up to pick up some altitude. Once he got up to about twenty feet he looked around and saw the other guy heading towards one end of the pitch, keeping a bit lower. Hunter didnít recognize the guy so he figured he was probably a first year. Also probably not in Lyra, he hadnít picked up all the names of the new Lyras but he was pretty sure he hadnít seen this guy in the common room, so probably not a Lyra. And keeping low made a lot of sense, Hunter thought. After all they were zooming around with an exploding thingamajig, probably best not to waste time doing things like going up when you could be moving towards the thing to make the thing not explode. Hunter spent a moment mentally kicking himself for having done exactly that.

The Quod Hunter was holding under one arm started to screech in a sort of whistling way, quietly at first but very subtly getting louder. Hunter looked at it, a little confused, then remembered it was an exploding thing and he had wasted a bunch of time.

ďHey! Iím open!Ē

The other guy had turned and had his hands palm out as if her were ready to catch a ball, so without thinking Hunter chucked it towards him. He just had time to realize he had just thrown a ball that was probably going to explode very soon to his new partner whose name he didnít even know and wonder what would be the best way to apologize for blowing a dude up when a third-year Aquila girl (Skylar, Hunter thought her name probably was, but didnít know her well at all) swooped between the two of them and caught the Quad. Hunter blinked once as she turned to speed right past him, blowing a raspberry as she went.

Hunter swung his broom around as she zoomed by, ready to chase after her, but before he could close the gap any the Quod had exploded, sending her into a tumble. She managed to keep onto her broom and straighten out, and turned to stare at Hunter through narrowed eyes before flying off, presumably back to her partner.

Hunter turned around again to look back to his partner and gave a little shrug.

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