Andrew Tennant [Cetus]
If it was major, it’d bring the rock wall down
Sun Jul 23, 2017 00:18

Drew had played a good amount of Quidditch. His cousin was the captain of the Aquila team, and his other cousin, Josh, played too. Sometimes Drew and Kit played pick-up Quidditch with them, which was just all-Chasers—usually the Kendrick girls versus Drew and Josh, but sometimes they mixed it up. Even rarer times the parents played (apparently Aunt Kat, Aunt Abby, and Uncle Scott had all been on Quidditch teams at RMI, Aaron almost played Quidditch for Italy, and Dad could Keep, sort of) and Drew got to play Beater, which was more fun.

Drew had never played Quodpot, but he had heard of it. Apparently it was Very American, but the Tennant-Emberses were all American (except Aaron, basically) and none of them had ever seriously played Quodpot or followed leagues. It was the kind of weird one-off sport like cheese rolling that it was hard to take seriously.

Maybe it just hadn’t really caught on because of the exploding thing. A sport that needed you to brew a potion every time you wanted to play it was pretty inconvenient.

He made a conscious decision to not partner with his best friend; Kit and explosives was not a good combination. He also decided not to partner with his roommate, because Huburt was the most boring person he had ever met, and also might be a robot. Drew had never seen him do anything fun; outside of classes, meals, and studying, the other Cetus just seemed to power down into sleep mode in their room. Drew liked people and he liked talking and he had tried to get Huburt to reveal something interesting about himself in the few weeks they’d been rooming together, but he was just. so. boring.

Drew knew which of the school brooms were better and grabbed his favorite Ramos from the broom shed before anyone else had time to steal it. The end was frayed a little because Zoey Ludlow let a Bludger hit it in the back when she was trying to score on Lyra a few years ago, but it braked on a dime. Broom in hand, Drew went to grab a Quod and bumped hands with a girl who was also reaching for one.

“Yeah. I’m Drew.” He offered his hand to shake, grinning. She looked prepared for sports, based on her outfit. Awesome. Drew just had on a white Heartless Nebula t-shirt and shorts. At the last minute he’d remembered closed-toed shoes were better for explosions than sandals, and had picked sneakers. “Have you played Quidditch or anything a lot before?” he asked. “Not that it matters. I guess Chasing would give you an advantage for playing hot potato on brooms, but at least you only have to worry about the hazard you’re holding. No Bludgers.”

  • How is this minor? - Remington Burnham (Draco - 2nd Year), Thu Jul 20 14:04
    Give Remington Burnham a textbook, and the Draco could do pretty much anything. Give the Draco a sport, and she’d happily watch from the sidelines. It bothered her that this class wasn’t optional.... more
    • If it was major, it’d bring the rock wall down - Andrew Tennant [Cetus], Sun Jul 23 00:18
      • No, we like the rock wall! - Remington, Tue Jul 25 22:25
        It was her lucky day. The student she bumped didn’t have a partner yet. Remington loved meeting new people. She thought she’d get to do that less now that she wasn’t a first year, but there were... more
        • #ProtectTheRockWall - Drew, Fri Jul 28 14:53
          Remington had a big name and a firm handshake. He was impressed by the handshake but Drew thought it was kind of a weird name for a girl. “Remington” sounded more like the kind of name a detective... more
          • We must protect the wall! - Remington, Sat Aug 5 13:31
            He liked her bow! Remington smiled brightly. It always made her happy when people complimented them. Her dad put lots of work into them, and he’d even started to team up with her mom to make them... more
            • Time to take the black - Drew, Wed Aug 9 23:21
              Drew wasn’t the most sporty person so he didn’t know what made someone qualify as having a good arm, but Remington threw the Quod right to him so as far as Drew was concerned, she had a good arm. All ... more
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