Think they'd notice if we left?
Sun Jul 23, 2017 16:13

Claudia blinked at the younger student as he did not deign to reply. She didn’t think her question had been especially tricky, but then maybe the blonder blond was trying to decide whether or not Claudia’s question had been rhetorical. In all fairness, Claudia wasn’t sure, either; it wasn’t as if she really expected a first year to have knowledge about the class that she herself was not privy to, but perhaps she had - somehow, inexplicably - missed an explicit explanation or even an implicit nuance that left room for interpretation regarding her forced participation.

Just when Claudia was about to clarify the situation (that he needn’t answer her question; the need for them to join in with the class was still unconfirmed), the first year finally spoke in accented English, admitting to not understanding her. It implied the reason for his delayed reaction, too.

“My apologies,” she began. Of course ‘apologies’ could be considered an unnecessarily large word, so in the interest of being sensitive to the younger student, she added, “I’m sorry,” with what she hoped was a friendly smile. She remembered quite distinctly how terrified she had been in her first year at RMI, and while she could acknowledge that not everyone suffered so much anxiety when starting school as she had, the Cetus third year could nevertheless believe that being in first year whilst not having a firm grasp of English would be daunting to say the least. All that would be enough without mandatory Quadpot.

Taking a breath to consider how to better phrase her musings to be more intelligible, Claudia tried again. “I said I don’t know if we need to play this game,” she tried to enunciate properly without sounding patronising - she had tried speaking French in France, and even though she thought she was quite skilled at the other language, the nationals had still been quite rude about her efforts, Claudia recalled, and they had insisted on speaking to her in English - “or if we only need to be here, to pass this class.” She paused after speaking and looked at the younger student to ascertain whether this time he had understood her any better.

When she deemed it appropriate to do so, Claudia took advantage of the boy’s silence to introduce herself. “I’m Claudia Dubois,” she said. “A third year, in Cetus.”

  • Me too, please - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist [1st year, Draco], Tue Jul 18 23:21
    Kalle-Anssi was feeling uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in an unfamiliar way, which was a strange experience for him. Quite often he was uncomfortable in a familiar way, especially when he was at home... more
    • Think they'd notice if we left? - Claudia, Sun Jul 23 16:13
      • Well, it can't hurt to try - Anssi, Thu Jul 27 22:03
        Anssi knew better than to feel embarrassed by his unsmooth abilities at speaking English, because he knew he was trying his best and he was at an international school anyways so there was probably at ... more
        • Less talk more action - Claudia, Sun Jul 30 06:52
          “Claud-i-a,” she repeated, stressing the middle syllable. While she didn't strictly mind one of the first years referring to her incorrectly as Clawda, she didn't see any harm in correcting him,... more
          • Just a very small action, please - Anssi, Fri Aug 4 21:46
            Anssi blushed at the correction and tried to listen even more carefully this time. “Sorry, sorry! Claw-dia,” he echoed. Well, if he understood properly, the word echo was used to mean something that... more
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