No, we like the rock wall!
Tue Jul 25, 2017 22:25

It was her lucky day. The student she bumped didn’t have a partner yet. Remington loved meeting new people. She thought she’d get to do that less now that she wasn’t a first year, but there were plenty of first years. There were lots of older students she hadn’t gotten to know. Really, she’d spent most of her first year hanging out with Dade. Her best friend was a little bit of a handful, but that was okay! She loved him lots and really enjoyed spending her time with him. It was nice that they were branching out to talk to others, though. Maybe they’d end up with a big, fun, close-knit friend group like Dade’s sister had with the other upper years!

“Hi Drew,” she smiled and took his hand, giving it a very firm and enthusiastic shake. “I’m Remington!”

The second year briefly wondered where Dade was. Drew already seemed calmer than most of the people their age. She thought that maybe he and Dade would get along based on the five seconds she’d known the other student. Remington believed she had a very good sense of character.

“Have you played Quidditch or anything a lot before?”

The Draco shook her head, loosening a few of her dark brown curls from her bow. She took a hand and tried to press them back against her head while Drew talked. Oh no, he sounded like he Knew About Sports. She hoped she could keep up. What Remington lacked in experience, she made up for with passion and a gung ho attitude.

“I’m not very, um, sport-y,” she admitted, “But I like learning new things!” She leaned over the Quods again, and she felt uncharacteristically hesitant. “Does it start whistling as soon as I touch it? I guess I’m trying to figure out how long I have to pick one up, get on my broom, fly, and then toss it to you before it explodes.”

  • If it was major, it’d bring the rock wall down - Andrew Tennant [Cetus], Sun Jul 23 00:18
    Drew had played a good amount of Quidditch. His cousin was the captain of the Aquila team, and his other cousin, Josh, played too. Sometimes Drew and Kit played pick-up Quidditch with them, which was ... more
    • No, we like the rock wall! - Remington, Tue Jul 25 22:25
      • #ProtectTheRockWall - Drew, Fri Jul 28 14:53
        Remington had a big name and a firm handshake. He was impressed by the handshake but Drew thought it was kind of a weird name for a girl. “Remington” sounded more like the kind of name a detective... more
        • We must protect the wall! - Remington, Sat Aug 5 13:31
          He liked her bow! Remington smiled brightly. It always made her happy when people complimented them. Her dad put lots of work into them, and he’d even started to team up with her mom to make them... more
          • Time to take the black - Drew, Wed Aug 9 23:21
            Drew wasn’t the most sporty person so he didn’t know what made someone qualify as having a good arm, but Remington threw the Quod right to him so as far as Drew was concerned, she had a good arm. All ... more
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