Every turn a surprise
Thu Jul 27, 2017 05:57

Firstie revealed his name as Satveer, and before Teal could repeat it back to him, he said “Call me Sam.” He then complimented her… something?? High tops? He’d looked at her shoes, so he probably meant sneakers. She beamed, happy that someone else enjoyed her fashion choices. Teal liked to think she dressed more normally than her dad, who even wore enchanted clothing when they were out in the muggle world. Colorchanging, which he always claimed could be explained with photo-something materials (or something). Muggles stared at him, but no one ever called them out on it.

Sam said something cheerful and silly, then offered to take the Quod. Teal handed it to him in relief. She was uncomfortable enough around brooms without trying to fly and hold an exploding ball thingy at the same time! Sam lifted off smoothly (Teal tried not to gape) and started toward the end of the pitch.

“Wait up!” She called, scrambling onto her broom. Well, she got off the ground. That was an achievement. Teal didn’t fly nearly as high as Satveer. She was high enough that her feet didn’t touch the ground (which totally counted as flying, so all good). The broom wobbled to the left as she cautiously followed her classmate. Sam, still holding the Quod, looked back at her.

”Don’t worry, you’ll be--” and then the QUOD EXPLODED. Sam fell off his broom! Teal shrieked, clapping her hands to her mouth, then slamming them back onto the broom a second later as it started to pitch. She looked frantically between Sam (or the cloud of colorful smoke surrounding Sam) and her broom. Sam seemed okay, and a moment later she was right next to him, stumbling off onto the grass.

”You’ll be fine!” He was laughing, and Teal started to laugh too. Sam was covered in brightly colored glitter! She glanced at the Quod, which had reformed itself and was sitting innocently in the grass. Teal helpfully tried to brush some of it off, but Sam was raring to go. He grabbed the Quod and got back on his broom. Teal hastily got back on hers and lifted off (a little smoother this time).

Seeing Sam survive the so-called explosion made Teal feel a lot better about the game. This was nowhere near as bad as some of Mom’s potions! As she followed Sam upwards, she saw that his shoes were shining. She gasped excitedly and pointed. “I like YOUR high-tops!” That was the British word for sneakers, right?

Once they were at a respectable height above the ground, Teal screwed up her courage and took both hands off her broom. It pitched forward a little bit, but she leaned back and firmly ordered it to behave. Holding her hands up to catch the ball, she called to Sam.

“Alright, throw it here!” Sam seemed to be a good flyer, so he would also be a good thrower, right? Right?

  • Hold your breath it gets better - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Sun Jul 16 14:24
    With the exception of his trainers, Satveer’s sports kit was dull and monochromatic. His plain black shorts, a grey flat t-shirt and white socks were accompanied by Satveer’s pride and joy - his ‘Fat ... more
    • Every turn a surprise - Teal, Thu Jul 27 05:57
      • With new horizons to pursue - Satveer (Sam) (1st year Lyra), Mon Jul 31 09:04
        Perched atop his broom Satveer, shining like a birthday card, lifted from the ground. Tensions of unexploded quods had lifted and the mood was somewhat easier – the only thig that could hurt either... more
        • Or say we're only dreaming? - Teal, Wed Aug 2 07:42
          Teal didn’t realize that “high-tops” had a specific meaning (and wasn’t just British for “sneakers”). Sam seemed to be really in to shoes, which was funny for a guy. With “fat flats” like that, he... more
          • Soaring, Tumbling, Freewheeling - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 8 08:46
            It all happened so fast. Satveer’s spark of elation was doused in a wave of dread and guilt as he glanced at the cloud of glitter and smoke that lingered where Teal was. For the briefest of... more
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