Well, it can't hurt to try
Thu Jul 27, 2017 22:03

Anssi knew better than to feel embarrassed by his unsmooth abilities at speaking English, because he knew he was trying his best and he was at an international school anyways so there was probably at least one other kid in his situation. (Well, that was a minor ‘because’. The main reason why he knew better was that he had admitted his embarrassment to Ruben when they were talking about RMI early in the summer, and Ruben had told him that being embarrassed about it was stupid. His brother didn’t give him the whole reason why it was stupid, but he did say that if anyone ever told Anssi otherwise, he’d tell them the reason, which didn’t sound too reassuring but it was better than nothing.)

So Anssi wasn’t very embarrassed now. He did feel a little bad, though. The older girl had very nicely apologized and smiled at him, but it was obviously inconvenient for her since now she had to repeat everything in different words. As much as he could, Anssi tried not to let his lack of English be an inconvenience. He was pretty quiet in classes, just listening, following along sometimes and taking probably very misspelled notes on what he didn’t understand sometimes. He’d catch up eventually, he assumed.

Smiling back, the blonde nodded when she finished talking. “Okay. I am not knowing, too.” He had assumed that he would have to actually get on the broom he was holding and pick up one of the dangerous Quaffles, but he had kind of been assuming it in a hopefully-not way. Anssi had ridden on brooms behind his siblings before, but never flown himself before coming to RMI, and he wasn’t super excited about having to both fly and carrying a blowing-up ball.

“Claaw-da,” he sounded out carefully. English names were so weird! When he thought he had it, he continued on more formally, introductions being one of the few things he had learned by memorizing handy phrases such as this. “Hi, Clawda, it is happy to meet you. My name is Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, but I am being called Anssi. I am in the first year and the red Draco house.” During this recitation, Anssi stuck out his hand, because apparently that was the right way to meet someone in America. “Think you that we can maybe be walking with the Quaffley ball? I am not a good broom-flyer.”

  • Think they'd notice if we left? - Claudia, Sun Jul 23 16:13
    Claudia blinked at the younger student as he did not deign to reply. She didn’t think her question had been especially tricky, but then maybe the blonder blond was trying to decide whether or not... more
    • Well, it can't hurt to try - Anssi, Thu Jul 27 22:03
      • Less talk more action - Claudia, Sun Jul 30 06:52
        “Claud-i-a,” she repeated, stressing the middle syllable. While she didn't strictly mind one of the first years referring to her incorrectly as Clawda, she didn't see any harm in correcting him,... more
        • Just a very small action, please - Anssi, Fri Aug 4 21:46
          Anssi blushed at the correction and tried to listen even more carefully this time. “Sorry, sorry! Claw-dia,” he echoed. Well, if he understood properly, the word echo was used to mean something that... more
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