Dade Farnon [Cetus]
How fast is fast?
Fri Jan 13, 2017 06:13

Dade Farnon was, by no definition of the phrase, a morning person.

The black-haired boy had tumbled out of bed at more or less the time he had intended to and blearily brushed his teeth before moving to put on a black polo shirt and dark jeans. He put on matching socks, then pulled dark sneakers over them and tied the sneakers. Dade had to re-tie them twice because he was still half-asleep. He wandered down the stairs to the boys’ dorms, ready to eat his jam and toast, when he saw the announcement on the bulletin board. It said that Spellwork would be held on the Quidditch Pitch today, which Dade thought was probably unusual. On the other hand, Connor and Rose - Rose with excitement, Connor with distaste - had both told him that Professor McKindy sometimes did things like this.

After a breakfast of jam, toast, orange juice, and a small bowl of fruit, Dade was prepared for class. He did manage to get lost trying to find the Quidditch Pitch, but some direction from an older student helped him get there before class began. Dade looked around. It looked like most of the grass on the Pitch had been turned an unpleasant orange-red, and that there were random items stacked on the green patches. He started to get anxious, stomach turning upside-down. This didn’t look like a class. This looked like something altogether more unpleasant.

The unpleasantness began sooner than he had expected, when Professor McKindy, after his introduction, turned the bubbles on his ridiculous pink hat into frogs. Dade leapt backward, fortunate enough not to knock into anyone, hazel eyes wide in terror and disgust. He hated frogs. They were so slimy and disgusting and there was one right next to him. With a surreptitious look around him to see if anyone was paying attention, Dade kicked the frog hard. It flew a few inches off the ground, landing on someone else’s bag. Good. It was gone.

Professor McKindy explained the class, offering two spells for them to use. Dade was sure that he wasn’t going to try the rope spell, even though it was likely he was good at Spellwork. Rose and Connor both were, and according to Rose their mother had been too. Much less obsessed with finding out information about their deceased parent than Rose was, Dade still didn’t mind hearing about her when Rose had something to share.

Trepidatiously, when McKindy was done with his explanation and bid them all to find partners, Dade walked over to the place where they had been told to fetch metal discs but stopped before he reached the box. There was a swarm of people there and Dade really didn’t feel like elbowing his way through a crowd. It looked like everyone was forming groups. Dade shoved his hands anxiously into his pockets, looking around for his older brother.

”Hiareyouafirstyear” was a string of words that came out of the mouth of a girl who appeared out of nowhere right in front of him.

“Ye-es?” Dade said hesitantly. The girl’s shirt was a bright pink and she looked like she had altogether too much energy. After saying a bunch of words in quick succession, she scampered off to the box with the metal discs and Dade, somewhat unwillingly, followed. He wasn’t sure about working with this girl, but it looked like almost everyone else was already in groups of two or three and he didn’t want to fail his first Spellwork class.

Once he had a metal disc in hand, he looked at the excitable girl. “Now what?” he asked, sounding a little more grumpy than he really intended to.

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    • How fast is fast? - Dade Farnon [Cetus], Fri Jan 13 06:13
      • Fast enough that we feel the wind! - Marley, Fri Jan 13 17:59
        "Now what?" The first-year's words didn't sound nearly as enthusiastic as they should have. But maybe that was just because she was extra-enthusiastic about today's lesson. Yep, that was probably it, ... more
        • That seems potentially dangerous - Dade, Mon Jan 16 06:26
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