Fri Jul 28, 2017 14:53

Remington had a big name and a firm handshake. He was impressed by the handshake but Drew thought it was kind of a weird name for a girl. “Remington” sounded more like the kind of name a detective show male lead or an old-money aristocrat would have. It was weird when peoples’ names didn’t match them, like how it would be weird if Kit went by Katherine. She was just such a Kit. Maybe Remington was just such a Remington and Drew just didn’t know yet.

Also he somehow hadn’t noticed at first that Remington was wearing a giant rainbow hair bow the size of her head. It was impressive. Drew was impressed. He stared at it for a few seconds, being impressed. “That is the biggest bow I have ever seen,” he said. “It’s really cool.” Madeleine sometimes had Dad put little ribbons on the end of her braids when he braided it, but nothing like this. If Drew told Madeleine about it, she would totally ask Aaron to make her one. Aaron had a thing for magical clothes so he would probably think a giant color-changing bow was a fun Spellwork project. Aaron liked doing Spellwork projects.

Anyway Remington was friendly so she seemed like a good partner, even though she said she wasn’t sporty (despite her outfit). So that was probably minus preparedness points.

Whatever. If the Quaffle Quod blew up on them, then it blew up on them. He was pretty sure they weren’t being graded on how good they were at sports. That would be super unfair. Drew couldn’t figure out what made Quodpot lessons inherently different from normal classes in his mind—after all, in Spellwork they got graded on their ability to do Charms and Transfiguration, so why not be graded on ability to do Quodpot in this class?—but it felt different, even though you could practice to get better in both subjects. He guessed the difference was that Spellwork actually mattered and gym class didn’t. In a class like this, trying should be enough. For participation points or whatever.

Drew didn’t know the answer to Remington’s question, but, “One way to find out.” He swung a leg onto his broom and kicked off. Drew was pretty good on a broom. Marissa and Josh had taught him how to fly. He didn’t have his own broom, since there were always a few dozen school brooms he could use. The Ramos company usually kept RMI stocked with up-to-date (ish) models; Dad said it was because one of their kids was an RMI alumnus, so they did nice things for the school. In Drew’s opinion, it would be Very Cool if the school’s alumni in other jobs donated stuff to the school. Like if they had an alumn who owned a chain of arcades and wanted to install one off the Rec Center, that would be pretty sweet.

Steady enough on his broom (he was just hovering, not moving yet, because Remington was still on the ground), Drew took his hands off the broomstick and held them up to catch the Quod. “Ready when you are!”

  • No, we like the rock wall! - Remington, Tue Jul 25 22:25
    It was her lucky day. The student she bumped didn’t have a partner yet. Remington loved meeting new people. She thought she’d get to do that less now that she wasn’t a first year, but there were... more
    • #ProtectTheRockWall - Drew, Fri Jul 28 14:53
      • We must protect the wall! - Remington, Sat Aug 5 13:31
        He liked her bow! Remington smiled brightly. It always made her happy when people complimented them. Her dad put lots of work into them, and he’d even started to team up with her mom to make them... more
        • Time to take the black - Drew, Wed Aug 9 23:21
          Drew wasn’t the most sporty person so he didn’t know what made someone qualify as having a good arm, but Remington threw the Quod right to him so as far as Drew was concerned, she had a good arm. All ... more
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