Satveer (Sam) (1st year Lyra)
With new horizons to pursue
Mon Jul 31, 2017 09:04

Perched atop his broom Satveer, shining like a birthday card, lifted from the ground. Tensions of unexploded quods had lifted and the mood was somewhat easier – the only thig that could hurt either of them was falling to their deaths. However, considering that Satveer and Teal we’re somewhat broom shy… they should be fine.

As she appeared to steady herself on her broom, Teal reset the conversation with “I like your high-tops”. Satveer was confused. He wasn’t wearing high-tops. He was wearing fat flats… Realising that she may be confused about the term, Satveer thought it best to explain what he meant. “These are skate shoes” he said as he looked at his shoes and smiled. “Do you not call those types of trainers’ high-tops?” he continued “You look like your wearing Converse. Converse is the brand, a US Brand I think, but they are high-tops, aren’t they? I mean, Converse also do low and American sneaker fit but because they go over your ankle, they are….” Satveer realised he was doing it again. “Sorry, I tend to… ramble” he affirmed. “My shoes (fat flats) are a type of trainer, what do you call them? Either way, they’re an awesome yellow!”

As he concluded his ramblings, Satveer realised that he and Teal were at a comfortable height. He then got a little nervous again. Satveer had practiced flight whilst holding on, and he could do it rather convincingly but to fly with no hands was a whole new thing.

“Alright, throw it here” Satveer steadied himself. Manoeuvring the ball to his right hand he held on to the broom with his left “I have a confession” he nervously stated, “I’ve never flown a broom with no hands, so I’m sorry in advance” he tailed off, smiling a helpless sort of smile at Teal.

Satveer let go of the broom and began questioning why he didn’t try his carpet. That would have been easier and may have gotten him more cool points. With his hand moving further from the broom, and his posture controlling it more and more, Satveer’s inner monologue started Maybe I am a natural? Maybe I could be the David Beckham of Quidditch? But when David Beckham moved to the US and joined the LA Galaxies… nope. Stop it, focus

Once he was steady he arched his arm and tossed the quod across to Teal. For all intents and purposes, it was a pants throw and Satveer didn’t even see whether the quad hit its mark or it fell to the ground. He was too focused on staying in the air. Satveer’s immediate post throw conclusion was, however, encouraging. The broom moved with little less vigour than he imagined it to and it, generally, felt ok. His nervousness eased and the slight sparkle on his shoes said that excitement was setting in. This could be fun!

  • Every turn a surprise - Teal, Thu Jul 27 05:57
    Firstie revealed his name as Satveer, and before Teal could repeat it back to him, he said “Call me Sam.” He then complimented her… something?? High tops? He’d looked at her shoes, so he probably... more
    • With new horizons to pursue - Satveer (Sam) (1st year Lyra), Mon Jul 31 09:04
      • Or say we're only dreaming? - Teal, Wed Aug 2 07:42
        Teal didn’t realize that “high-tops” had a specific meaning (and wasn’t just British for “sneakers”). Sam seemed to be really in to shoes, which was funny for a guy. With “fat flats” like that, he... more
        • Soaring, Tumbling, Freewheeling - Satveer (Sam) Mittal, Tue Aug 8 08:46
          It all happened so fast. Satveer’s spark of elation was doused in a wave of dread and guilt as he glanced at the cloud of glitter and smoke that lingered where Teal was. For the briefest of... more
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