Or say we're only dreaming?
Wed Aug 2, 2017 07:42

Teal didn’t realize that “high-tops” had a specific meaning (and wasn’t just British for “sneakers”). Sam seemed to be really in to shoes, which was funny for a guy. With “fat flats” like that, he had to be a Lyra. They were the creative, artsy bunch. Although, Teal admitted to herself, sparkling shoes like that were pretty cool. They were even cooler than Remy’s enchanted hair bows.

Teal had considered asking her dad to make some for her, but she didn’t want to steal Remy’s thing. Obviously no one owned enchanted hair accessories, but that was copying a little too closely. Violet liked to say “imitation is the sincerest form of flatter!” in an annoying, high-pitched voice as she annoyingly copied whatever Teal was doing. Teal wasn’t above annoying people (if it was for a good reason), but she didn’t want to be as annoying as her annoying little sister. Cool hair bows, as cool as they were, would be too much.

Besides, Teal didn’t often try to look “cute” (but the freckles didn’t help). She wanted to look badass! She wobbled slightly on her broom as she looked around to see if Raja could see her. Now that she felt a little more confident on the broomstick, she immediately wanted to show off. Not for him, she hastily reminded herself. She wanted to show off in general.

Sam apologized in advance for his throw and held up the Quod. Teal tried to keep her eyes on the ball, but just then she noticed a cloud of colorful smoke around an Aquila girl. Skyler, was her name? Didn’t she play Quidditch? If she couldn’t catch it, then --

Teal jerked back to her partner just as Sam threw the ball. It was a pretty good throw, right at her. Right at her! Panicking, and completely forgetting that it was possible to catch the thing, Teal shrieked and threw her arms in front of her face. The Quod whumped into her with a blow like a pillow to the head, and strong-smelling smoke belched out all over her. She coughed and flinched away from the cloud, but that made the broom rock back and forth, and she still couldn’t see, so she tried to fan it away, still coughing, but that made the broom shake more, and all of a sudden Teal was falling off her broom. She flailed wildly, eyes shut tight, as the broom slipped forward underneath her. A few tail twigs scraped her fingers as she fell completely.

Teal landed hard on the ground, one arm caught beneath her. She didn’t scream, just made quiet, high-pitched sort of squeak. She must’ve stretched her arms out to break the fall, and now her right arm hurt a lot. Like a lot a lot. She didn’t think she’d broken it, because there hadn’t been a sound, but her hand was bent back at a funny angle. It was already starting to bruise. She rolled over and saw similar marks on her knees.

“Ow…” she said in a small voice. The broomstick floated lazily down near her. The Quod had already reformed near her feet. Teal sat up a bit and gave it a vicious kick. Surprisingly, it didn’t explode again, although it probably would any second.

“I think,” Teal said to Sam, trying not to cry, “that I’m done playing Quodpot for today.” She gingerly held up her wrist and looked around for a grown-up.

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    • Or say we're only dreaming? - Teal, Wed Aug 2 07:42
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