Just a very small action, please
Fri Aug 4, 2017 21:46

Anssi blushed at the correction and tried to listen even more carefully this time. “Sorry, sorry! Claw-dia,” he echoed. Well, if he understood properly, the word echo was used to mean something that perfectly repeated something else, which his echo of Claudia’s name almost definitely wasn’t - but echoes in the real world weren’t perfect. There was a tunnel near his old school that he used to walk under, for example, and the sound of his shoes was very well-echoed but still never sounded exactly like shoes. So, maybe echo was an okay word to call this after all.

Not that he was narrating his own talking, of course. That didn’t make any sense.

“So... you are meaning that we do not have to be playing with the ball at all?” he checked, nose scrunched up as he tried to make sure he was understanding. Her suggestion didn’t really make sense. If neither of them was a good flyer, then why fly at all? Exploding ball or not, it seemed to him much more safe if they just walked around on the Quidditch Pitch. They could always throw the ball away from them if it started to explode. But if they were flying, well, that was something harder to just stop. ‘Stopping flying’ for Anssi most of the time meant dragging his feet in the ground, or rolling off if he was too high to reach. He’d gotten pretty good at flopping down loosely into the grass, thanks to practicing a bit with his brother, but that didn’t mean he liked it.

But the older girl had suggested it, and he was already holding them behind everyone else, so of course Anssi nodded agreeably after a moment’s thought. Claudia then demonstrated that she was already a good flyer by making her broom jump into her hand. The Finno-Swede was already holding his broom, and mounted it that way. He knew from experience that brooms didn’t listen to him, not in English or any of his better languages. Hesitantly tapping the ground with his sneakers, the broom raised up a bit, and he suddenly felt the unfamiliar weight of robes tugging him down. It wasn’t too big of a weight, though, which was good as his broom began moving wobbly forward without him doing much of anything. Claudia was forgotten for the time being as he tried to make it less wobbly. At least his toes were still only a tiny distance off the grass.

  • Less talk more action - Claudia, Sun Jul 30 06:52
    “Claud-i-a,” she repeated, stressing the middle syllable. While she didn't strictly mind one of the first years referring to her incorrectly as Clawda, she didn't see any harm in correcting him,... more
    • Just a very small action, please - Anssi, Fri Aug 4 21:46
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