Time to take the black
Wed Aug 9, 2017 23:21

Drew wasn’t the most sporty person so he didn’t know what made someone qualify as having a good arm, but Remington threw the Quod right to him so as far as Drew was concerned, she had a good arm. All right, then. This was probably gonna be easy.

It took Remington a few moments to get in the air, during which Drew hovered with the Quod nervously. He wasn’t sure if holding still with it or moving it around a lot would make it more or less likely to explode. He figured the Quods had been sitting still in a basket the whole time before Remington picked this one up and they hadn’t spontaneously exploded in there, so Drew tried not to jostle it while he was waiting for Remington to get up in the air. If that was true then a good strategy would be to fly really slowly and gently down the Pitch with the Quod (if there were rules about traveling with the ball, Sheldon hadn’t mentioned them). That would be a really boring game, though. Drew would rather fly fast and risk the Quod exploding. That was the point, right?

There was suddenly a high-pitched whistling nearby. Drew didn’t have perfect pitch (which was a thing, according to Dad) but he was pretty sure it was in the neighborhood of C6. He looked around just in time to see Sam and Teal’s ball explode. Drew winced and waited for the one he was holding do the same, but it didn’t. Okay, so it probably wasn’t completely random but the Quods weren’t on the same timer. Also—

“I think they make sound when they’re gonna explode,” he called. Remington had her hands up, so he passed the ball back to her. Drew had a good arm. “So if it whistles, try to throw it really far, I guess!” Maybe not the intended strategy, but they might be able to throw it far enough that it’d land in the barrel before it could explode. If not then they would be covered in colorful smoke or powder or something, which wouldn’t be too bad, although Drew would prefer no explosion if possible.

  • We must protect the wall! - Remington, Sat Aug 5 13:31
    He liked her bow! Remington smiled brightly. It always made her happy when people complimented them. Her dad put lots of work into them, and he’d even started to team up with her mom to make them... more
    • Time to take the black - Drew, Wed Aug 9 23:21
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