Dylan Xavier
You shouldn't be. It's just the wizarding normal
Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:26

Dylan nodded in acknowledgment as Connor agreed to partner him and introduced himself. "I'll get a quod," he volunteered since it looked like the older boy didn't have one yet. As the youngest of three brothers, Dylan had perfected the art of volunteering to do menial tasks before someone bigger than him could order him to do them. It was just easier that way.

He collected a ball and returned, tossing it at Connor as he got near enough to make a clean pass. Once they got higher and away from the chaos of classmates still sorting out partnerships and collecting gear, he ought to be able to increase the range, but for now, it was still a pretty short pass.

Freed of possession of the explosion prone ball, Dylan put both hands on his broom stick to gain some altitude and break away from the main crowd of beginner students. Flying was still kind of new to him, so having two hands on the shaft was best whenever possible.

He glanced around once he'd risen a few dozen feet, trying to find where Connor had got to while he'd been concentrating on getting his broom to do his bidding.

Normally he didn't have any trouble trying to keep up with older kids - it was his natural state of being, and Connor looked to be about Derrek's age - but keeping up on a broom might prove trickier than he'd originally anticipated when he'd picked Connor as a potential partner.

  • I'm offended - Connor Farnon, Sat Jul 22 08:17
    As a rule, Connor Farnon was not one for sports and he grimaced the moment he stepped on to the Quidditch Pitch, broom in hand. He didnít particularly want to own a broom, but as soon as he had... more
    • You shouldn't be. It's just the wizarding normal - Dylan Xavier, Thu Aug 10 10:26
      • While Dylan went to get the quod, Connor took the opportunity to dismount and wipe down the borrowed school broom. He didnít know any sanitizing spells but since anyone could use the school brooms,... more
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