I feel like 'normal' and 'mad' are a bit opposite
Sun Aug 13, 2017 14:57

While Dylan went to get the quod, Connor took the opportunity to dismount and wipe down the borrowed school broom. He didnít know any sanitizing spells but since anyone could use the school brooms, he was wary of them. He didnít want to get sick because someone didnít have the common sense to stay in their own dorm while they had a cold. The Quidditch types (Rose included) seemed to lack that sort of common sense often, playing through personal injuries and in all weather. In Connorís first year, Rose had sprained her wrist in the middle of a game and had finished the game, which had made the sprain worse and meant that she had to wear a brace on it while it finished healing because even magic couldnít make the injury go away immediately. It was that sort of thing that made Connor skeptical of anyone who played sports. And doubly so for those who played sports with exploding balls.

Connor had barely re-mounted the broom when the first year appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and immediately threw the quod at him with no notice whatsoever. The Cetus fumbled the ball, grasping at it with fingertips and thankfully managing to get a hold on it. He resisted the urge to lecture Dylan about the merits of letting someone know you were about to chuck a crazy exploding ball at their head, instead clumsily urging his broom upward and forward. Instead of pacing himself, Dylan had gone ahead and gotten high and above the rest of the crowd. Connorís brown eyebrows knit together in a scowl for a moment before he took a deep breath and nudged his broom forward a little bit faster.

ďCatch,Ē he called out once he was a little bit above Dylan and just behind him. Connor threw the quod with what he judged was a good amount of strength, then nudged his broom more forward. He knew that his lack of skill on a broom was showing and he felt a little self-conscious about that, particularly as he knew it was likely that he would make the Cetus Quidditch team. If it werenít for the fact that Connor detested sports, he would probably have worked to make himself better at flying; as it was, his goal was to look like he was contributing to the good of his House while also managing to avoid as many Bludgers as possible.

Not paying enough attention to what was in front of him, Connor felt a jolt as he ran into the bristles of the broom of another students, a girl wearing something weird on her head. She glared at him and said something he couldnít quite hear before she zoomed off. Connor re-settled himself on his broom and looked around to see if his partner had been incinerated yet. If he had, Connor could leave early - right?

  • You shouldn't be. It's just the wizarding normal - Dylan Xavier, Thu Aug 10 10:26
    Dylan nodded in acknowledgment as Connor agreed to partner him and introduced himself. "I'll get a quod," he volunteered since it looked like the older boy didn't have one yet. As the youngest of... more
    • I feel like 'normal' and 'mad' are a bit opposite - Connor, Sun Aug 13 14:57
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