Katherine Kendrick
Some extra-extra-curricular bonding [Marley]
Sun Aug 13, 2017 18:45

Quidditch practice was the best. Kit was always really sweaty by the end of it because it was a lot of physical activity, especially since she was a Beater and it was her job to make sure her team didn’t get hit by giant scary balls and also her job to hit them at the other team. Kit wasn’t sure if she’d be able to do that for real but they didn’t have a game yet so she hadn’t had to find out. It would definitely be hard to do something like hit a Bludger at her best friend Drew or her big sister Marissa. She wanted to talk to Marissa and see what she should do when they played Cetus or Aquila because while Kit abso-tively-posi-lutely wanted Lyra to win all of the games, she also didn’t want to hurt anyone. Dad had been surprised when she said she signed up for Beater; he said he had been expecting her to go for Chaser like Mom or Marissa. Kit had wanted to try out for Chaser, but a bunch of older kids had gone before her and so she had gone for Beater instead because the other person trying out seemed like a lot of fun and had very poofy hair. Kit also had poofy hair sometimes, mostly when it was humid. Her hair was red though, where Marley’s was much darker.

“Hey Marley,” Kit yelled as she dismounted her broom shortly after Danny dismissed practice. She didn’t have a real broom yet so she always had to put her broom back in the shed instead of take it back to her room like some of the older students were able to since their brooms were their brooms. Kit definitely wanted a broom and she could maybe convince Dad to get her one for Christmas if she really liked Quidditch a lot. Not a super top of the line broom but a good broom.

“Marley!!” Kit called again, jogging to catch up to the girl who was relatively far ahead of her on the field. Kit had been lagging behind everyone because it was dusk and she had gotten distracted by the little fireflies. Were they real fireflies or magic fireflies? RMI had this whole Quidditch Pitch and a forest and it all seemed so real but also they were underground. It hurt the first year’s head to think about it too much, usually.

“You did really good in practice today,” she said once she had caught up to her fellow Beater, holding her hand up for a sweaty high-five. “We’re gonna be the best Beaters in the entire school!”

    • With extra-optimism! - Marley, Mon Aug 14 20:33
      Marley was soooo tired. Practice had been really great today, so she hadn’t noticed, but as soon as she’d sunk her toes into the grass (in sneakers, for once; thank goodness her mum had been able to... more
      • And extra-excitement! - Kit, Tue Aug 15 10:57
        “Wait,” Kit said, green eyes growing round, “he punched people?!” Beating was one thing because that was a thing that was normal, but punching people was definitely not normal. Kit had gotten in... more
        • And even extra-gossip! - Marley, Wed Aug 16 15:54
          "Yeah!" Feeling undeniably satisfied at being the first to break this interesting piece of news to the younger girl, Marley nodded vigorously, black curls flopping and then sproinging up again.... more
          • Can we have extra sprinkles instead? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 09:08
            Marley had changed topics, but there were a few points that Kit felt it necessary to address. “I don’t like dogs,” Kit informed her. Actually, Kit was pretty afraid of dogs especially big dogs like... more
            • Apparently, Kit didn’t like dogs. “Oh! I’m sorry,” Marley exclaimed, trying to be sympathetic. She wasn’t even sure what she was apologizing for - maybe just for having brought up dogs at all? - but... more
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