With extra-optimism!
Mon Aug 14, 2017 20:33

Marley was soooo tired. Practice had been really great today, so she hadn’t noticed, but as soon as she’d sunk her toes into the grass (in sneakers, for once; thank goodness her mum had been able to send her a replacement pair, as flip-flops didn’t exactly go well with broom-flying) the Canadian had felt a big yawn coming on. She hadn’t slept very well last night, which was kind of her own fault since she had set her alarm super early, mainly ‘cause she had to finish editing her History essay before handing it in to Professor Boot but with the side benefit of scoping out the Finer Diner. It had been, like, literally months since she and Connor had hung out, but it seemed that no matter how slowly she procrastinated eating, mealtimes passed without her spying him across the hall. She had thought that, maybe, he had breakfast a lot earlier than everyone else, and maybe she could find him.

Alas, no, and although she’d interpreted the almost-totally-empty dining hall as an opportunity to hum her favourite rock songs while wolfing down a double-chocolate muffin and two giant pieces of watermelon, it didn’t make up for the lack of Connor. Or the lack of sleep. Or the lack of her History essay, as she had quickly realized when rummaging through her bag in class and had to subsequently beg permission to run back to Lyra, where she’d left it on one of the couches. It had a big dent down the centre, which she assumed meant that someone had sat on it without realizing, but fortunately Professor Boot didn’t seem to care when she hurried back to slide it in front of him. He had actually just blinked at her and moved her essay to a bin that Marley was pretty sure was marked for recycling, but she saw everyone else’s papers in the bin, too. Maybe he was just using it for storage?

Anyways. Quidditch. Yeah. It had been great today! It was still weird, because Frankie was gone and Danny was cool and all but he wasn’t Frankie and he also wasn’t a Beater, which made Marley the most Senior Beater in Lyra despite being only recentlyish a teenager. That basically meant that Marley was now Frankie to their new first-year Beater, Kit. Marley had starting Beating in first-year, too, but Frankie had been years and years older than her so she’d had someone really skilled to look up to and ask questions and stuff. She liked to think that she had a pretty good handle on Beating by now, but she definitely couldn’t replace Frankie!

Hmm. Maybe she should Owl Frankie and ask him for help or advice or something. No, that would be weirder. Maybe she should ask her mum instead. No, that would be even weirder.

“Oh, Kit!” Spinning around, she blew a loose curl a section of hair all of her hair out of her face and smacked the younger girl’s palm enthusiastically. “For sure! ...well, I dunno about best in the school,” she amended - uncharacteristically, but if she was the Senior Beater in Lyra, she should probably be a tiny bit realistic for a tiny bit of the time. “Frankie, he graduated last year, and he was the best for sure. And Jacob is pretty good, too. He’s in Draco. And there’s a new Beater in Aquila, I can’t remember his name and I’ve never seen him play but he, like, punched a lot of people last year,” she informed Kit, her voice still cheerful despite pulling a face, “so I bet he’s also good at it.” Shifting her grip on her second(or third?)hand broom, Marley performed a complex juggle in order to transfer the broom to her left hand and bat to the right. “But, we’re totally doing great. It’ll be an awesome year!”

  • Some extra-extra-curricular bonding [Marley] - Katherine Kendrick, Sun Aug 13 18:45
    Quidditch practice was the best . Kit was always really sweaty by the end of it because it was a lot of physical activity, especially since she was a Beater and it was her job to make sure her team... more
    • With extra-optimism! - Marley, Mon Aug 14 20:33
      • And extra-excitement! - Kit, Tue Aug 15 10:57
        “Wait,” Kit said, green eyes growing round, “he punched people?!” Beating was one thing because that was a thing that was normal, but punching people was definitely not normal. Kit had gotten in... more
        • And even extra-gossip! - Marley, Wed Aug 16 15:54
          "Yeah!" Feeling undeniably satisfied at being the first to break this interesting piece of news to the younger girl, Marley nodded vigorously, black curls flopping and then sproinging up again.... more
          • Can we have extra sprinkles instead? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 09:08
            Marley had changed topics, but there were a few points that Kit felt it necessary to address. “I don’t like dogs,” Kit informed her. Actually, Kit was pretty afraid of dogs especially big dogs like... more
            • Apparently, Kit didn’t like dogs. “Oh! I’m sorry,” Marley exclaimed, trying to be sympathetic. She wasn’t even sure what she was apologizing for - maybe just for having brought up dogs at all? - but... more
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