And extra-excitement!
Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:57

“Wait,” Kit said, green eyes growing round, “he punched people?!” Beating was one thing because that was a thing that was normal, but punching people was definitely not normal. Kit had gotten in exactly zero fights in her whole life and while she was only a first year, she was pretty sure that she could keep that record up without very much trouble. Generally speaking, Kit got along with people. Sometimes she could be overwhelming because she had so much energy (according to Dad) but that wasn’t nearly close to punching people. Wow. She would have to ask Marissa about that guy. Then she thought for a second. A new Beater on Aquila? Kit knew who that was! “His name is Ruben,” she informed Marley seriously. “My sister said that if I knock him off his broom she’ll buy me anything I want off of Pearl Street.” Obviously Kit wasn’t old enough to go to Pearl Street herself, but she’d been plenty of times with her family. “And I want a puffskein!” she added excitedly.

Mom and Dad hadn’t exactly told Kit that she wasn’t allowed to have a puffskein, but every time she asked Dad said something about responsibility and Mom looked like she was about to laugh, which Kit thought was a little weird. But her parents were a little weird. Everyone’s parents were a little bit weird, she was pretty sure. Grandpa Aaron and Grandpa Garen, Drew’s parents, were definitely weird, because Grandpa Aaron could turn into a dog whenever he wanted and Grandpa Garen did theater things. Plus Aunt Jessie, who was Drew’s biological mom (which meant that Drew was her baby but she gave him to Grandpa Garen and Grandpa Aaron so they were his dad and dad) was definitely weird. She had dragons. Well, she didn’t have dragons but she worked with dragons. Kit probably didn’t want to have a dragon but she was pretty sure that if she did want one, Aunt Jessie would give her one.

But then Mom would probably get annoyed and Kit wasn’t sure if she was allowed to have a dragon in school anyway, so that was probably a bad idea. But a puffskein wasn’t!

“I could have a cat,” she mused out loud. “Except I think that a puffskein would be a better pet than a cat, don’t you?”

  • With extra-optimism! - Marley, Mon Aug 14 20:33
    Marley was soooo tired. Practice had been really great today, so she hadn’t noticed, but as soon as she’d sunk her toes into the grass (in sneakers, for once; thank goodness her mum had been able to... more
    • And extra-excitement! - Kit, Tue Aug 15 10:57
      • And even extra-gossip! - Marley, Wed Aug 16 15:54
        "Yeah!" Feeling undeniably satisfied at being the first to break this interesting piece of news to the younger girl, Marley nodded vigorously, black curls flopping and then sproinging up again.... more
        • Can we have extra sprinkles instead? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 09:08
          Marley had changed topics, but there were a few points that Kit felt it necessary to address. “I don’t like dogs,” Kit informed her. Actually, Kit was pretty afraid of dogs especially big dogs like... more
          • Apparently, Kit didn’t like dogs. “Oh! I’m sorry,” Marley exclaimed, trying to be sympathetic. She wasn’t even sure what she was apologizing for - maybe just for having brought up dogs at all? - but... more
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