Can we have extra sprinkles instead?
Fri Aug 18, 2017 09:08

Marley had changed topics, but there were a few points that Kit felt it necessary to address.

“I don’t like dogs,” Kit informed her. Actually, Kit was pretty afraid of dogs especially big dogs like Rob’s. Rob’s dog was a good dog and just stayed by him and didn’t do anything, which was good because Kit definitely didn’t want to have to pet her. She was probably a very nice dog because she was Rob’s and she helped him out and stuff, but Kit didn’t want to go near her. The big dog could be a helper dog as far away from Kit as possible. It was okay though because Kit helped Marissa babysit sometimes when the dog wasn’t in Rob’s apartment, which was usually since she was a helper dog. Kit even got some of the money when she helped Marissa babysit, which was good because Rob had a lot of kids. Two of them were adopted, like Drew was! “Also, Rob doesn’t have a problem,” she explained to Marley knowledgeably. “He was just very sick once so now sometimes he needs extra help.” That was how her parents had explained the situation to her, anyway.

That taken care of, Kit was okay to move on to Marley’s other thing, which was if she knew any of the other players on the Aquila team.

“I know Rose,” she said. “That’s because she’s my big sister’s absolute best friend in the entire world. They’re roommates and they do almost everything together, except for not everything everything because Rose doesn’t take dance like my sister does.” Kit had started dance classes when she was very little, but it had turned out that she didn’t have enough of an attention span to be able to focus in a class. “And Yazmin, she’s in my year. She wears a scarf on her head all the time so I don’t know how she plays Quidditch because I think it would come off on a broom, don’t you?”

Marley didn’t hang out much with people not in Lyra, which didn’t make sense to Kit because she’d like to have friends in all the Houses. She had her big sister in Aquila, and then Drew was in Cetus, and her new friend Remington who wore amazing bows in her hair was in Draco. Technically Marissa was her sister and not her friend but they did friend things together like watch anime in the dark while Kit ate sour gummi worms. Marissa didn’t like sour gummi worms because she said they were too sweet, which didn’t make sense to Kit. The whole point of sour gummi worms was that they were sour, not sweet! But that meant more gummi worms for her, which was awesome. Dad liked sour gummi worms too, and sometimes he’d steal them from her when she wasn’t looking just like she knew he stole Halloween candy from her bag sometimes even though she hadn’t been able to catch him once.

  • And even extra-gossip! - Marley, Wed Aug 16 15:54
    "Yeah!" Feeling undeniably satisfied at being the first to break this interesting piece of news to the younger girl, Marley nodded vigorously, black curls flopping and then sproinging up again.... more
    • Can we have extra sprinkles instead? - Kit, Fri Aug 18 09:08
      • Apparently, Kit didn’t like dogs. “Oh! I’m sorry,” Marley exclaimed, trying to be sympathetic. She wasn’t even sure what she was apologizing for - maybe just for having brought up dogs at all? - but... more
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