Sure, but only if we get extra friends in here too
Sat Aug 19, 2017 23:52

Apparently, Kit didn’t like dogs. “Oh! I’m sorry,” Marley exclaimed, trying to be sympathetic. She wasn’t even sure what she was apologizing for - maybe just for having brought up dogs at all? - but considering that she didn’t actually feel sympathetic about it, surely the apology would be helpful in reassuring Kit that it was okay for her not to like dogs. Which, of course it was, duh. Only it was kind of strange, too. “Why not?” (Okay, that question probably erased her apology, but she was curious!) Marley knew some adults who didn’t really like animals at all, like her mum’s parents with their very clean house and neat-trimmed flowerbeds, and also some adults who liked a lot of animals, like her dad’s parents who had little fishbowls scattered all over and cat-hair always on the floor, and not to say that either was better or worse than the other, but she definitely didn’t know any kids who disliked animals. Er, some animals. At least, not any kids had told her they disliked certain animals, up until now.

Kit also clarified the problem, or rather not-problem, with Mister Rob. ‘Clarify’ wasn’t exactly the right word, because what Kit said had been basically the same as what Marley had said and actually seemed even less detail than Marley’s description, but that was a fiddly detail that didn’t completely matter right now anyways. All details mattered eventually, she supposed, but right now specifically, Kit was talking about her sister’s teammates, which was fantastic and exactly what Marley had been hoping to hear. Alas, her plan to focus on Rose Farnon was a bit derailed at mention of a first-year who wore a headscarf.

“Headscarves are super important for some people,” she semi-explained, semi-pulled in a thin rope out of the corner of her memory from Cultural Studies. “I bet there’s special charms or even special fabric that she can use so it doesn’t fall off. I don’t think I know anyone else who wears a scarf, though.” She hummed thoughtfully. “No, there’s none on Draco, for sure. I’d know, because of Bryn and Teal and Kateri - Bryn and Teal are my friends and Kat’s my roommate’s sister, and also my friend, of course. And the Cetus team is, like, all boys, I think.” She knew that Connor was on the Cetus team this year because she’d been on the Pitch one day when the whole team came out to practice and he had a broom so she knew he wasn’t just a bystander. That was something new - he’d never played Quidditch before! Marley wanted to ask him about it, but also she didn’t want to because as a Beater she and Kit would be obligated to smash him in games and she’d rather put off thinking about that for as long as possible.

But anyways, back to Connor. Kind of. “D’you think you could, maybe, introduce me to Rose?” she asked Kit, making her voice sound as casual as she could, although her broom-free hand was now swinging her bat in little nervous circles at her side as the question came out. “That probably sounds weird, I know. But, like… Well, her brother Connor is one of my best friends here, and we’re super close,” she emphasized, “except recently he hasn’t been around as much. I thought he was like, maybe just busy with school, but we’re in all the same classes still so that doesn’t make sense, so now I’m thinking maybe there’s something wrong, you know? Like maybe he’s too stressed?” Okay, Marley hadn’t actually been thinking that, but as she talked now, she realized that was totally what she was thinking, or at least feeling, or thinking without the words to it before. “We’re not in the same House so I can’t just check on him easily, but, I dunno, I wondered if maybe his sister could help me make sure Connor’s okay. But I’ve never properly met Rose before. So… yeah,” she concluded, coming back full-circle to her question.

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    Marley had changed topics, but there were a few points that Kit felt it necessary to address. “I don’t like dogs,” Kit informed her. Actually, Kit was pretty afraid of dogs especially big dogs like... more
    • Sure, but only if we get extra friends in here too - Marley, Sat Aug 19 23:52
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