Wyatt Munro
We don't have that kind of thing here. (But we should)
Wed Aug 23, 2017 07:20

Just because Wyatt Munro didn’t want to play Quidditch didn’t mean he wasn’t good on a broom. He had been on a broom since he was three. His father loved to have all of his kids up on brooms and playing mock games of Quidditch. Wyatt liked that, he just didn’t want to be on any team nor did he see Quidditch as a viable career.

The fourth year did like broom racing though. Wyatt followed the American broom racing league and thoroughly enjoyed listening into those. Today was no exception, he had brought with him a portable Wizarding radio and had earplugs in while he wandered around the Quidditch Pitch. He had doubled check to make sure no teams had booked it for today before heading down broom in hand.

Today, he took to the skies as high as he felt comfortable, which was just a little above the largest Quidditch hoop. He darted all over for a while listening to four full races before he finally descended. When he was no more than two to three off the ground he fell to the ground. His broom soon joined him on the ground. He closed his eyes put an arm behind his head and just enjoyed the nice weather on the pitch.

The last race of the day was finishing up when he heard a voice say, “Have you ever fallen off?” Wyatt’s dull green eyes opened and he peered up towards the voice. It was a girl on a broom flying slowly by. He was pretty sure she was a transfer but having never spoken to her he wasn’t one hundred percent sure.

Wyatt tugged his headphones out of his ears and smiled up at her. “A few times. Why do you ask?”

  • Where are my L plates? - Myfanwy Owen, Tue Aug 8 12:12
    Disgusting disappointed to discover she didn't have a roommate after all, Myfanwy had done her best to settle into her own dormitory. Holland had their own dormitory too, Myffi had learned, but she... more
    • We don't have that kind of thing here. (But we should) - Wyatt Munro, Wed Aug 23 07:20
      • Safety seems a low priority - Myfanwy, Wed Aug 23 09:11
        “I'm nervous about flying,” Myfanwy replied in her strong Welsh accent. The boy had black hair and blue eyes, and he was lying on his back on the ground but he did have a broomstick near him. Also... more
        • We have OSHA for that - Wyatt, Wed Aug 23 10:05
          Wyatt sat up when the girl said she was nervous about flying. The fourth year smiled when she asked if falling hurts.The girl wobbled a bit when she adjusted her glasses as she explained she was new... more
          • I'm not sure we meet regulations - Myffi, Thu Aug 24 11:49
            Wyatt Munro, right. His name sounded familiar so Myffi was certain they were in classes together. She tried to link his name to his face in her mind so she would remember next time she saw him, and... more
            • Do we need pillows to meet them? - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 12:09
              Myffi smiled at him when he mentioned the cushioning charm. He was sure Myffi would be horrified to find out that Gaston had cured his children of their fear of falling by talking them up high and... more
              • Maybe it would be a good starting point - Myffi, Sun Aug 27 06:23
                “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi nodded enthusiastically. Wyatt had been flying since he was five years old, about when she had started learning how to ride a bicycle. It was better to ride a bike in a... more
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