I'm not sure we meet regulations
Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:49

Wyatt Munro, right. His name sounded familiar so Myffi was certain they were in classes together. She tried to link his name to his face in her mind so she would remember next time she saw him, and remember what he looked like if anyone ever mentioned the name Wyatt. He also gave her a very handy tip. “Cushioning charm, right!” Myffi beamed at him. “Thanks a bunch.” Her wand was stowed in her left sock right now, but if she thought she was going to fall off she might be able to reach it. The higher she was the more time she would have, the fifth year reasoned, and more incentive, too. Also she could move her wand to a closer pocket or something whenever she flew in future, just in case.

She agreed with Wyatt that it probably wouldn't hurt her to fall from her current, not very great height. That was pretty much why she was only a few feet up off the ground and no higher. She'd fallen this far off a wall in not too distant memory and she’d survived that okay. Wyatt seemed to think her flying was okay, and that she just needed to relax. She was pleased to hear she didn't look like an idiot on a broom, but the words of not-a-coach weren't as reassuring as she would have liked.

“I can probably relax a bit more once I'm more used to it,” she said with a smile. “Are you a good flier, then?” She asked Wyatt. He had given her some sensible advice, so she reasoned that either he flew a lot, or he fell off a lot. “Are you on one of the Quidditch teams?”

  • We have OSHA for that - Wyatt, Wed Aug 23 10:05
    Wyatt sat up when the girl said she was nervous about flying. The fourth year smiled when she asked if falling hurts.The girl wobbled a bit when she adjusted her glasses as she explained she was new... more
    • I'm not sure we meet regulations - Myffi, Thu Aug 24 11:49
      • Do we need pillows to meet them? - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 12:09
        Myffi smiled at him when he mentioned the cushioning charm. He was sure Myffi would be horrified to find out that Gaston had cured his children of their fear of falling by talking them up high and... more
        • Maybe it would be a good starting point - Myffi, Sun Aug 27 06:23
          “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi nodded enthusiastically. Wyatt had been flying since he was five years old, about when she had started learning how to ride a bicycle. It was better to ride a bike in a... more
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