Do we need pillows to meet them?
Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:09

Myffi smiled at him when he mentioned the cushioning charm. He was sure Myffi would be horrified to find out that Gaston had cured his children of their fear of falling by talking them up high and dropping them off the broom with a cushioning charm. His mother, Jenny had been horrified and had torn into her husband once she realized what was happening.

When Myffi said she could probably relax more when she was used to it, Wyatt laughed. “I guess you're right there.” When Myffi asked if he was a good flier he shrugged his shoulders. “Good enough, I’ve been flying since I was five with my dad and brother.”

Wyatt shook his head. “Nope, not a Quidditch player much to my dad’s chagrin. I like flying but prefer broom racing to Quidditch.” The black haired boy shoved his radio into his pocket. “Once you get comfortable are you going to try to make your house's team?” He didn’t understand the appeal of Quidditch that much. Sure, it was fun sometimes to go to a match, but he was nowhere near Quidditch crazy as some people in this school.

“What house are you in anyways? I’m in Cetus.” He figured she wasn’t in Cetus because he would have seen her around the common room by now surely.

  • I'm not sure we meet regulations - Myffi, Thu Aug 24 11:49
    Wyatt Munro, right. His name sounded familiar so Myffi was certain they were in classes together. She tried to link his name to his face in her mind so she would remember next time she saw him, and... more
    • Do we need pillows to meet them? - Wyatt, Fri Aug 25 12:09
      • Maybe it would be a good starting point - Myffi, Sun Aug 27 06:23
        “Oh, right, okay,” Myffi nodded enthusiastically. Wyatt had been flying since he was five years old, about when she had started learning how to ride a bicycle. It was better to ride a bike in a... more
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