Maybe it would be a good starting point
Sun Aug 27, 2017 06:23

“Oh, right, okay,” Myffi nodded enthusiastically. Wyatt had been flying since he was five years old, about when she had started learning how to ride a bicycle. It was better to ride a bike in a Muggle village in Wales, anyway, than a broomstick, because Muggles weren’t supposed to see or even know about that. Although there was quite a lot of open land around where Myfanwy had grown up, lots of it was owned by Muggle farmers, so it didn’t seem very sensible to be flying about it all the time if she was trying not to be seen. Anyway, it was obvious that Wyatt’s advice was going to be good advice then, because he’d been flying for about ten years or something, so he knew what he was doing. Not that Myffi was necessarily an expert on riding a bike, but that wasn’t really the same, you just pedalled. Unless you wanted to do tricks or something, but she wasn’t very interested in that since she’d hit a curb when she was about eight and fallen off and grazed her chin and maybe that’s why she was nervous about falling off a broomstick?

“I didn’t even know there was broomstick racing,” the fifth year said, still hovering a little awkwardly near to Wyatt, but then he was lying on the ground so that didn’t make for a usual conversation scenario either. As for trying out for her House’s team, Myfanwy gave a little shrug (she didn’t even wobble this time, see she was getting better already!) “I don’t know,” she said honestly. “I never thought about playing Quidditch and I’m not really a sporty person and obviously I can’t even ride a broomstick very well right now,” she laughed, “but I was talking to Rose, in sixth year, and it sounded like lots of people play Quidditch, and so maybe I was thinking about it?” she really hadn’t made her mind up in either direction. If it happened that she made friends with people who played then she probably would join in just so they could do practises together and things, but she had no real desire to sign up otherwise. “Definitely not this year, but I’ve still got two years left here after this one so I’ll have lots of time to think about and and maybe sign up next year.”

Wyatt said he was in Cetus House - Myffi didn’t know how much she believed all the students in the Houses fit into one stereotype, but Cetus was apparently the responsible House. “I’m in Lyra,” she said, which was apparently the artsy House, which suited Myfanwy quite well because she liked drawing and cooking and she quite often made her own clothes, but that was because trying to buy fashion that wasn’t manufactured by child slaves in Asia was a real minefield, and even the factories that offered fair pay put things like silk and wool in their fabrics, and Myffi only bought wool if she knew where it came from, and she never ever bought silk. Just as well she was good at cooking, too, because she was having to make a lot of her own food seeing as her new school apparently didn’t cater for dietary needs of people who actually cared about the planet they lived on.

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    Myffi smiled at him when he mentioned the cushioning charm. He was sure Myffi would be horrified to find out that Gaston had cured his children of their fear of falling by talking them up high and... more
    • Maybe it would be a good starting point - Myffi, Sun Aug 27 06:23
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