I’m sure he does. You feed him
Mon Sep 18, 2017 23:37

Russell shouted monosyllabically for a few moments and then threw himself onto a bleacher. Okay. So really just… standard Russell stuff. But he did seem genuinely distressed so Holland drew their wand, because that was a reasonable response to shouting when it was early in the morning and you hadn’t even eaten yet. Holland wasn’t sure whether they intended to use the wand against Russell or against an as-yet-unknown threat, but they did feel better having it out, held at their side, not aiming at anything in particular just yet.

Oh, right, his mouse was named Jaws and now the shouting made sense. Well, the wand would still come in handy. You couldn’t Summon something that was alive, although Holland really didn’t want to do that anyway. They weren’t keen (ha) on the idea of holding a mouse, even a pet mouse. They did not like the idea of feeling little claws scratching their hand or Jaws living up to his namesake and taking a bite out of their hand, because that was how you got plague.

But there had to be a way Holland could use magic so that they could catch the mouse without scrambling around on the ground uselessly. They could conjure something Jaws would eat, and then conjure a box around it, or cast petrificus totalus or another spell like it so that Russell could collect the mouse and stop overreacting. Mice were really good at finding food, and Holland was pretty sure all of RMI’s owls stayed in the Owlery, so Jaws probably wasn’t in much danger unless someone had let a cat loose. Which was possible but not helpful to point out.

“You’re not a bad person, you just—okay, where’s your wand?” Holland began, half reassuring and half brisk, but before they could do much of anything else Russell interrupted with a shout.

Holland cast a nonverbal levicorpus in the direction Russell had indicated at the same time as Russell lunged forward. All of his forward momentum caught them in the knees and Holland went down. There was a flash of light from the spell and then another flash of light as Holland hit the bleachers, but that one, they were pretty sure, was just inside their head.

Hitting the ground when you had just a moment ago been upright and moderately relaxed (except for the shouting) was like being punched in the diaphragm. It knocked the breath out of Holland and it took them a few moments to recover. When they felt like they could, Holland pushed themself up on their elbows, still slightly dazed. “Did I catch him?”

  • If only the beast wants to be caught! - Russell, Mon Sep 18 22:48
    “Do you… need some help?” Russell didn’t even notice he was being addressed for a solid-- well, not a minute, not even in this state could he lose track of his surroundings for that long, but his... more
    • I’m sure he does. You feed him - Holland, Mon Sep 18 23:37
      • True, I'm just in a panic - Russell, Tue Sep 19 22:51
        Apparently not. Though really, that shouldn’t be much surprised. Russell’s coordination skills were very time-sensitive; at night, he assumed he was better at moving about than anyone else, and at... more
        • Is that different from normal? - Holland, Wed Sep 20 12:11
          The good news was that Holland had caught the mouse. Even better, Jaws was apparently fine, because Russell wasn’t freaking out any more. Nope, spoke too soon, he was still freaking out but it was... more
          • ...I guess not - Russell, Thu Sep 21 22:23
            “Huh?” Russell blinked. (Which had likely gone unnoticed, since he was wearing sunglasses, and even if he wasn’t wearing sunglasses his nystagmus was still acting up, more literally up-and-down,... more
            • Then maybe I should go - Holland, Sat Sep 23 21:54
              “But it’s still a rodent in your hair,” Holland argued. “How could that possibly be the best place for him? Pockets exist.” Not that Holland would consider Russell’s hair very clean without the... more
              • See ya later I hope - Russell, Sun Sep 24 14:07
                "Yeah, pockets are good, too." He was pretty sure that agreement wasn't what Holland was looking for, though he was also pretty sure he didn't know what more he could say to make his point about why... more
                • That might be okay - Holland, Sun Sep 24 18:00
                  “ Can you do it in the dark? ” What? Oh, haircuts. “I mean, I need light to see what I’m doing, like anyone else. Are most lights still too bright even with sunglasses or just closing your eyes?” But ... more
                  • Fidgeting aimlessly with the fingers of his gloves, Russell managed a sort of nod/shrug when Holland asked more about his light -- preferences? Was that the right word? No, not really, it was more a... more
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