True, I'm just in a panic
Tue Sep 19, 2017 22:51

Apparently not.

Though really, that shouldn’t be much surprised. Russell’s coordination skills were very time-sensitive; at night, he assumed he was better at moving about than anyone else, and at any time that wasn’t night, he didn’t have to assume to know that he was worse at it. Hence the whole reason why he was even on the Pitch, trying and failing to accustom himself to the environment. Joining the team had not been the most productive decision he could’ve made and Russell was frankly astounded that he hadn’t been booted off yet.

Though that didn’t matter now because he had crashed right into Holland and sent both of them down, and now he was on top of Holland and he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t just get up right away, because his earlier hyperventilating had returned in full force and falling on top of that had made breathing almost impossible anyways so it was really like he wasn’t hyperventilating but, like, barelyventilating. Also getting up would require pushing himself up and he was already kind of fallen over across Holland and how was he supposed to push himself up without making any further physical contact with them?

Oh, gosh, but now he was still lying there except Holland was also starting to move like they were recovering from the sort-of-accident and it would be weird if he didn’t move too, so very, very gingerly, Russell splayed out his hands on either side of their body and pushed himself up. No longer being in contact with what had seemed like literally all of them (he was seldom in physical contact with others so he didn’t exactly have much to compare to) was a relief. But also it meant that now they had room to push themselves up a bit as well and, even though he was technically separated by some space from them, the amount of space was technically minimal at best, almost as minimal as Jaydon’s had been no he had to stop thinking about this why was it happening and Jaws was more important anyways and still lost--

At Holland’s optimistic question, Russell pushed himself up a tiny bit farther so that he could look up to the seats above. “Wow, yeah, you did!” Jaws was wiggling, like he was doing a doggy-paddle but in midair, but he didn’t look too stressed about it and stopped after a moment to just sit down. This was good because Russell was still too close to Holland and kind of stressed about it. He obviously couldn’t just, like, fling himself away, though, because that would be rude. So he opted instead to gingerly push himself higher until he could sit back on his knees. Er, hover over his knees, specifically, because he started sitting back and then realized now he was straddling Holland’s legs and that was weird and nope.

“Thank you so much, and, erm, are you okay? I’m really sorry, Holland,” he said sincerely, though feeling himself warming up again because why had he said their name, they both knew who they were, naming them didn’t make the situation any less weird, “I, uh, probably should’ve guessed I’d knock into you, but I thought I could avoid it. Although I wasn’t totally thinking at all,” he concluded with a sigh, reaching up with one long skinny arm to pluck Jaws out of thin air. Russell set the mouse on his head, where it immediately buried into his hair, and then suddenly spun (not literally) back to Holland. “Wait, you’re not concussed, are you? Oh, gosh, I hope not. Should I, like, I don’t know, check your eyes? Is that what you’re supposed to do?” Mid-ramble, he ducked back down to stare at their eyes, but then promptly forgot to check whether or not they seemed focused because now he was too close again and he sat back up and then realized he was actually sitting down on top of their legs and so hovered again and started inching back but what if they had a concussion for real? He should probably stay close just in case. But not too close. Nope nope nope.

  • I’m sure he does. You feed him - Holland, Mon Sep 18 23:37
    Russell shouted monosyllabically for a few moments and then threw himself onto a bleacher . Okay. So really just… standard Russell stuff. But he did seem genuinely distressed so Holland drew their... more
    • True, I'm just in a panic - Russell, Tue Sep 19 22:51
      • Is that different from normal? - Holland, Wed Sep 20 12:11
        The good news was that Holland had caught the mouse. Even better, Jaws was apparently fine, because Russell wasn’t freaking out any more. Nope, spoke too soon, he was still freaking out but it was... more
        • ...I guess not - Russell, Thu Sep 21 22:23
          “Huh?” Russell blinked. (Which had likely gone unnoticed, since he was wearing sunglasses, and even if he wasn’t wearing sunglasses his nystagmus was still acting up, more literally up-and-down,... more
          • Then maybe I should go - Holland, Sat Sep 23 21:54
            “But it’s still a rodent in your hair,” Holland argued. “How could that possibly be the best place for him? Pockets exist.” Not that Holland would consider Russell’s hair very clean without the... more
            • See ya later I hope - Russell, Sun Sep 24 14:07
              "Yeah, pockets are good, too." He was pretty sure that agreement wasn't what Holland was looking for, though he was also pretty sure he didn't know what more he could say to make his point about why... more
              • That might be okay - Holland, Sun Sep 24 18:00
                “ Can you do it in the dark? ” What? Oh, haircuts. “I mean, I need light to see what I’m doing, like anyone else. Are most lights still too bright even with sunglasses or just closing your eyes?” But ... more
                • Fidgeting aimlessly with the fingers of his gloves, Russell managed a sort of nod/shrug when Holland asked more about his light -- preferences? Was that the right word? No, not really, it was more a... more
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