Is that different from normal?
Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:11

The good news was that Holland had caught the mouse. Even better, Jaws was apparently fine, because Russell wasn’t freaking out any more.

Nope, spoke too soon, he was still freaking out but it was about something else. Holland was pretty sure they didn’t have a concussion. They’d had a concussion before, once. Nick Holtz had knocked Holland off their broom with a Bludger in the second hour of a Quidditch match during Holland’s fourth year. The indoor weather charms had decided to create fog that had the scent and color of black licorice that day, and the coach had decided it was fine to play through that, and Holland hadn’t even seen the Bludger coming. They had just been scanning for Chasers and then wham! and they were not on their broom anymore. Coach Reid had stopped them from splatting on the Pitch and Medic Rock had healed them, so they had been fine. Holland admittedly didn’t remember that whole day; they were pretty sure Danny and Emmett had helped them back to the dorm, and later Rachel had apparently found them having a heated argument about oil spills in international waters with a floor lamp. Lying on the bleacher totally winded and with a slight headache reminded them of that day. Maybe they did have a concussion.

Russell leaned in way too close to their face to check, which was not appreciated. On occasion Holland didn’t mind being physically close with their friends; Marissa was a hugger and they were comfortable enough with the boys and Rose that it was fine. Russell, on the other hand, did not have the necessary security clearance to enter their personal space bubble. Holland instinctively, slightly, leaned back and turned their head to the side.

“I’m fine.” Somehow Russell was still talking and, despite having moved around a lot, was still sitting on them. Holland would really prefer to get up now, but then they didn’t because they noticed something else that had happened and it felt like it was imperative to discuss that. Maybe they had a concussion. “Russell, did your mouse just go in your hair?” Russell had never had the best hair hygiene as far as Holland’s limited time with him had told them, but they hadn’t thought of it as a literal rat’s nest. Mouse nest. Whatever.

  • True, I'm just in a panic - Russell, Tue Sep 19 22:51
    Apparently not. Though really, that shouldn’t be much surprised. Russell’s coordination skills were very time-sensitive; at night, he assumed he was better at moving about than anyone else, and at... more
    • Is that different from normal? - Holland, Wed Sep 20 12:11
      • ...I guess not - Russell, Thu Sep 21 22:23
        “Huh?” Russell blinked. (Which had likely gone unnoticed, since he was wearing sunglasses, and even if he wasn’t wearing sunglasses his nystagmus was still acting up, more literally up-and-down,... more
        • Then maybe I should go - Holland, Sat Sep 23 21:54
          “But it’s still a rodent in your hair,” Holland argued. “How could that possibly be the best place for him? Pockets exist.” Not that Holland would consider Russell’s hair very clean without the... more
          • See ya later I hope - Russell, Sun Sep 24 14:07
            "Yeah, pockets are good, too." He was pretty sure that agreement wasn't what Holland was looking for, though he was also pretty sure he didn't know what more he could say to make his point about why... more
            • That might be okay - Holland, Sun Sep 24 18:00
              “ Can you do it in the dark? ” What? Oh, haircuts. “I mean, I need light to see what I’m doing, like anyone else. Are most lights still too bright even with sunglasses or just closing your eyes?” But ... more
              • Fidgeting aimlessly with the fingers of his gloves, Russell managed a sort of nod/shrug when Holland asked more about his light -- preferences? Was that the right word? No, not really, it was more a... more
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