...I guess not
Thu Sep 21, 2017 22:23

“Huh?” Russell blinked. (Which had likely gone unnoticed, since he was wearing sunglasses, and even if he wasn’t wearing sunglasses his nystagmus was still acting up, more literally up-and-down, which combined with his usual moderate eye-twitching meant that it was usually hard to tell when he was actually blinking. Or at least, he assumed so. He’d never exactly watched himself blinking in a mirror because ew, mirrors.) “Well, yeah. It’s the best place for him. Warm and, well, okay, just warm, but that’s important, you know. And then I can keep track of him better. Too many cats here.” He said the word cats with as much obvious disgust and/or generic skepticism as he had said yeah with conviction.

Jaws was technically Jaws 3 - not to be confused with ‘Jaws 3D’. Russell’s first Jaws had been acquired at the tender age of eight and had preferred hanging out in his shirt-sleeves. This had worked out well, since it was Russell’s biggest stage of ‘trying to avoid leaving his room at all ever’, and so he had practically lived in various comfy pyjama shirts which had nice roomy sleeves for Jaws to scurry up inside. By the time Jaws Jr arrived, Russell’s parents had given up on dragging him out for haircuts, and so the saga of Russell’s shaggy mouse-perfect locks had begun. His mother occasionally trimmed his hair when she had time, which was probably good as otherwise it would’ve all completely knotted by now, but he had for the most part spent his entire preteen through early teen years either ignoring his hair when it was a bit shorter or attempting to tie it back when it was a bit longer. He’d more recently gotten into the popular man-bun style, which Russell expected he barely pulled off, if at all, and he also expected that having a mouse in his hair did not help that, but it just felt right. The little claws pricking his scalp throughout the day were calming to him.

“It’s nice, besides,” he shared. “The company, I guess, or, like, just having something constant-- ugh, that sounds lame.” Russell’s trailing-off semi-grumble semi-embarrassed-sigh concluded with reminding himself, yet again, that he was still kind of sitting on Holland and that was weird. “Sorry, sorry.” Shuffling back faster, he was soon sitting on his knees at the ends of their feet rather than on top of them. That was much better. Lots of distance now. That was good. Yup. “I’m, uh, I’m guessing you didn’t expect this to be your morning.” He tried to smile casually, as if it was a joke, and instead wound up with something on his face that felt more like a grimace, as if it was just a continued apology. Admittedly not an inappropriate sentiment (he was always doing things wrong and apologizing for it) but still not what he was going for (he was always failing at small stuff like this) which in itself was not inappropriate, either.

“Are you… can I help you get up?... no, you should probably stay down for a bit. But do you need, um, something warmer? Or softer? You can use this as a pillow,” the Californian offered, tugging at the edge of his scarf and preparing to take it off at the slightest indication that Holland could make better use of it. “Really, I don’t need it.” Oh no, he was rambling again. That was seldom a good sign.

  • Is that different from normal? - Holland, Wed Sep 20 12:11
    The good news was that Holland had caught the mouse. Even better, Jaws was apparently fine, because Russell wasn’t freaking out any more. Nope, spoke too soon, he was still freaking out but it was... more
    • ...I guess not - Russell, Thu Sep 21 22:23
      • Then maybe I should go - Holland, Sat Sep 23 21:54
        “But it’s still a rodent in your hair,” Holland argued. “How could that possibly be the best place for him? Pockets exist.” Not that Holland would consider Russell’s hair very clean without the... more
        • See ya later I hope - Russell, Sun Sep 24 14:07
          "Yeah, pockets are good, too." He was pretty sure that agreement wasn't what Holland was looking for, though he was also pretty sure he didn't know what more he could say to make his point about why... more
          • That might be okay - Holland, Sun Sep 24 18:00
            “ Can you do it in the dark? ” What? Oh, haircuts. “I mean, I need light to see what I’m doing, like anyone else. Are most lights still too bright even with sunglasses or just closing your eyes?” But ... more
            • Fidgeting aimlessly with the fingers of his gloves, Russell managed a sort of nod/shrug when Holland asked more about his light -- preferences? Was that the right word? No, not really, it was more a... more
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