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Sun Sep 24, 2017 14:07

"Yeah, pockets are good, too." He was pretty sure that agreement wasn't what Holland was looking for, though he was also pretty sure he didn't know what more he could say to make his point about why Jaws needed to be in his hair any clearer. He'd kind of said it all already.

But speaking of hair - Holland cut hair? "Really?" The fact that their statement had been simply a statement and not constituted either a question or an offer went completely over Russell's head. It was a bit strange since, well, he didn't think his hair needed help. Between his simple hairstyle, his rare attempts at feeling around his head to chop it himself, and the even rarer occassions that one of his parents took enough of a pause from work to really focus on him and come downstairs to his shadowy haven to snip it a little, he'd gotten by fine the past seven years or so. His hair wasn't any hassle for him and Jaws obviously liked it, so that was what mattered most. But still, Holland had offered - Holland, who was basically the most stylish person in school (Russell knew nothing about style) and did their old scary boyfriend's hair and even all the styling stuff for of RMI's theatre shows (a detail hed learned from Marissa, because he knew almost less about theatre than he did style). That suggested there were problems with his hair that Russell couldn't see. Literally.

"Can you do it in the dark?" he asked them, hesitant to seem too eager in taking advantage of their generous and totally unnecessary offer, but also genuinely curious and, yup, eager too. "I can't do salons or barbershops because, well, it's just too bright. And anyone who's tried, they say it's too hard without a light right here-" he gestured around his face, nose wrinkled "-but I dunno how, uh, normal their vision is, or yours," he concluded without really concluding much of anything.

Watching Holland stand up, Russell felt sort of like he had been rejected. This was not altogether an unusual feeling for him, since he was who he was, but still unwelcome, since he'd just offered help and being turned down for that wasn't really rejection so he shouldn't be feeling bad for it, right? Although he had literally just accepted their offer for help and now they were turning down his. So maybe rejection was an appropriate feeling here. Regardless, he mustered up a quiet "Oh, okay", and sidled back an inch further to give them more space.

Awkwardly putting both hands down in the lap of his one-piece-thing, he hoped that Holland hadn't seen him starting to tug at his scarf... although the end he had tugged had apparently been loosened enough, for it chose that moment to flop down against his chest. Darn. Now they would notice for sure and think he was weird or lame or something like that for having rushed to help before he was actually told help was needed or wanted. Eh, he was weird and lame and whatever already, so it couldn't make too much of a difference now, or so he very briefly attempted to convince himself before giving up on that as a failed mission.

"Yeah, it's good," he reassured them. "Thanks so much for helping, I- I really appreciate it." Oh, dear, now he was blushing again, or maybe he'd never stopped, but still. "And I'm sorry again for hitting you. I hope you're okay. I'll, umm, watch you leave, in case you have any trouble." It was sort of a promise and sort of a joke, as evidenced by his small smile. Which in turn was sort of a rueful smile. Now Holland had seen him in the early-to-mid stages of a panic attack how many times? Once now; presumably a couple throughout those baby lessons; oh, and that endstage panic, too, i.e. the time he literally puked in front of them. He was the worst. But, Russell decided, he couldn't let that stop him from checking up on Holland during their next shared class. Just a quick check up, okay? Embarassment or not, it was important to make sure they weren't concussed and going crazy or, oh God no, dying. Please no. He couldn't be responsible for killing his classmates.

  • Then maybe I should go - Holland, Sat Sep 23 21:54
    “But it’s still a rodent in your hair,” Holland argued. “How could that possibly be the best place for him? Pockets exist.” Not that Holland would consider Russell’s hair very clean without the... more
    • See ya later I hope - Russell, Sun Sep 24 14:07
      • That might be okay - Holland, Sun Sep 24 18:00
        “ Can you do it in the dark? ” What? Oh, haircuts. “I mean, I need light to see what I’m doing, like anyone else. Are most lights still too bright even with sunglasses or just closing your eyes?” But ... more
        • Fidgeting aimlessly with the fingers of his gloves, Russell managed a sort of nod/shrug when Holland asked more about his light -- preferences? Was that the right word? No, not really, it was more a... more
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