Nolan Ramsey
And tell everyone to lighten up?
Sun Nov 5, 2017 01:18

Nolan’s normal reaction to stress was to take Quint out for a ride. He rode Quint pretty much every day when he was home, but every now and then they’d test his winged horse’s endurance with a long fly. Nolan liked being up high, with nothing around them but air and clouds. It was a good time to think of lines for poems, which Nolan hadn’t done much since coming to RMI but which he was kind of starting to miss. It was the same feeling he got after not riding for a while, like he’d just rolled in hay and wanted to scratch his skin off. He’d been at RMI for weeks now and that “not just right because I missed my ride today” was starting to go away, which kind of annoyed him. It may have been an annoying feeling but it was his annoying feeling for his horse, and Nolan didn’t want to miss horseback riding less.

He couldn’t really go flying at RMI. You had to think about it the whole time when you were on a broom; broomsticks didn’t have autopilot, so Nolan couldn’t take one up and then just let it steer for a while. Not like with Quint. Plus if you kept going in the same direction at RMI for long enough, you’d probably fly smack into a wall or something, which Nolan would rather not do.

Then he got to thinking about where else he could go to be high up above everyone else. The rock wall was the obvious choice, but Nolan wasn’t entirely sure he could climb it. His prosthetic leg was magical, so it kind of responded to his intentions, but it wasn’t as dextrous as a real leg. You didn’t want your leg to screw up or fall off halfway up a rock climbing wall. And he didn’t have a broom, so he’d have to borrow one of the crummy old school brooms to fly up there, which didn’t seem fun at all. Then the answer came to him: the Quidditch stands. They were pretty much deserted when there weren’t games, which didn’t happen all that often because there were only four teams. Nolan had been out to all the matches involving Aquila so far. He wasn’t a huge Quidditch fan, but you had to go and support your own team no matter what.

Planning to spend at least a couple of hours up there if he was going to make the effort of climbing all the way to the Quidditch stands, Nolan grabbed some food from the Diner. The baguette, soft cheese (Nolan was pretty sure it was brie or camembert but he didn’t know the difference), strawberries, barbeque potato chips, salami, and chocolate chip cookies (real cookies, not like Myffi’s tasty-but-still-not-cookies cookies) that he wrapped in an engorgio’ed napkin would definitely last him through the afternoon.

And Nolan was still slightly preoccupied thinking about the difference between brie and camembert (maybe camembert was a type of brie, or something?) when he almost literally stumbled upon a green-haired girl sunbathing on a blanket. Also she was just wearing underclothes with spikes for a top, which… well, Nolan wasn’t one to look a gift partially-undressed girl in the mouth. There were more interesting places to look in this case. Not that he was staring, because that’d be rude and Nolan was a gentleman, but he couldn’t much help looking a little bit. They were really shiny spikes.

He couldn’t tell if the girl was offended by the looking because of her sunglasses (but why would you wear a spiky bra thing if you didn’t want people to look? Girls made no sense) but she didn’t seem very happy that someone was there. Nolan mentally placed the girl as another Aquila. Heather’s roommate, Kate or Kay or something. Normally he was good with remembering names, but her hair was a different color than it had been yesterday A lot of people at RMI dyed their hair often; Heather had just dyed hers green too, and there was that older kid (Nolan couldn’t tell if they were a boy or a girl and at this point it was kinda too late to ask, because they’d had enough classes together, so Nolan just did his best to not have to work with the Lyra) who seemed to change hair color every day.

The easier thing would’ve been to just walk away, but Nolan couldn’t help answering. “Well, first of all, I wasn’t talking to you,” he said, twanging the vowels in his Oklahoma accent. “But just so happens that I do have food. The real question is, are you gonna give me a good reason to share it?”

  • I'm gonna soak up the sun - Kaye Packman, Sat Nov 4 19:13
    Sometimes, living underground had its perks. The weather at Rocky Mountain International liked to do its own thing. The unpredictability of it all was refreshing. Living at school meant so much was... more
    • And tell everyone to lighten up? - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Nov 5 01:18
      • “Well, first of all, I wasn’t talking to you, but just so happens that I do have food. The real question is, are you gonna give me a good reason to share it?” Huh. Slightly unfamiliar voice, there.... more
        • I think you’re light enough already - Nolan, Sat Nov 11 12:35
          Her royal highness Green Hair von Spike Bra deigned to take off her sunglasses to look at him. Her eyes were somewhere between pale blue and grey, like morning glories with a layer of sleet on them.... more
          • I'm sure I could change that - Kaye, Sun Nov 12 09:57
            He was going to share the food! There were very few things a person could do to immediately win favor with Kaye. If they were daring and fun, that could work. She also liked it if people wanted to go ... more
            • Somehow I doubt it - Nolan, Wed Nov 15 19:32
              The girl introduced herself as Kay, so ha-ha! He’d been right about the name. And by “he was right” he mostly meant that he’d retained one of the things Heather had told him, which was that her... more
              • Challenge accepted! - Kaye, Sat Nov 18 20:53
                Kaye watched Nolan pick up the chips, and then decided that she did want some after all. Really, she wanted all of the food. She got the feeling that eating everything on the blanket would be ill... more
                • I regret everything - Nolan, Sun Nov 26 23:27
                  Kay stole some of his chips, which Nolan decided was all right after a thoughtful pause. He could appreciate a girl who didn’t pretend that she ate like a Snidget. A lot of pureblood girls did that;... more
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