Most people would really benefit from that
Sun Nov 5, 2017 16:28

“Well, first of all, I wasn’t talking to you, but just so happens that I do have food. The real question is, are you gonna give me a good reason to share it?”

Huh. Slightly unfamiliar voice, there.

…slightly unfamiliar voice with food.

Kaye turned her head to look at who was joining her on the Pitch. She raised her sunglasses to the top of her head and lifted a green eyebrow. Right, this was the new transfer, because suddenly being a transfer at Rocky Mountain International wasn’t special anymore. They probably had a few classes together at this point; Kaye didn’t pay enough attention to pinpoint which classes and when. They hadn’t worked together yet, at least, and that was a shame. He was kind of cute. Plus, based on his response, he wasn’t a whiny little pushover like some of the people who transferred over; he seemed to have some snark breaking through that southern twang.

“I can give you plenty of reasons,” she started slowly, thoughtfully, “But who knows if our definitions of “a good reason” are the same.”

She stretched a little lazily and noticed that she was barefoot. When did she kick her shoes off? She propped herself up with her elbows, spotting the heels all the way at the end of her blanket. Well, at least they hadn’t wandered off. Things had a way of doing that here. Now that she was awake, she realized that she was a little too warm with her jacket on. This resulted in her sitting up completely to shrug off her red jacket and toss it on top of her purple heels.

Plus, for bonus points, this could be considered A Good Reason to share food.

It wasn’t that she was trying to flirt with the new guy already. Well, okay, she kind of was, but there were reasons. She and Ruben were Not Dating right now; the two had confirmed that they didn’t want to change their dynamic, but they also didn’t mind experimenting with that same thing. The two Aquila had started to hold hands around school. It was a lot of fun to confuse people: no one could figure out whether or not the two of them were actually dating. It helped that they didn’t know either, and it made messing with people all the more fun. They were still totally free to flirt and mess with whoever they wanted, which was the only good thing about flirting anyway. It was just another way to tease or be snarky; she liked that she didn’t have to remove that from her repertoire. Even on a high fatigue day, the flirting came easily. Plus, it would be cool to see if a mutual flirtation would annoy Ruben. Not that this is what that was. She was just having some lazy fun after a boring day of fatigue and isolation.

The Aquila collapsed back on her blanket and placed her arms behind her head, casting her heavily lined (with a tiny hint of glitter) eyes back on her sudden company. “I haven’t eaten at all today,” she pointed out, “So I’d definitely owe you one if you shared whatever you had with me.”

  • And tell everyone to lighten up? - Nolan Ramsey, Sun Nov 5 01:18
    Nolan’s normal reaction to stress was to take Quint out for a ride. He rode Quint pretty much every day when he was home, but every now and then they’d test his winged horse’s endurance with a long... more
    • Most people would really benefit from that - Kaye, Sun Nov 5 16:28
      • I think you’re light enough already - Nolan, Sat Nov 11 12:35
        Her royal highness Green Hair von Spike Bra deigned to take off her sunglasses to look at him. Her eyes were somewhere between pale blue and grey, like morning glories with a layer of sleet on them.... more
        • I'm sure I could change that - Kaye, Sun Nov 12 09:57
          He was going to share the food! There were very few things a person could do to immediately win favor with Kaye. If they were daring and fun, that could work. She also liked it if people wanted to go ... more
          • Somehow I doubt it - Nolan, Wed Nov 15 19:32
            The girl introduced herself as Kay, so ha-ha! He’d been right about the name. And by “he was right” he mostly meant that he’d retained one of the things Heather had told him, which was that her... more
            • Challenge accepted! - Kaye, Sat Nov 18 20:53
              Kaye watched Nolan pick up the chips, and then decided that she did want some after all. Really, she wanted all of the food. She got the feeling that eating everything on the blanket would be ill... more
              • I regret everything - Nolan, Sun Nov 26 23:27
                Kay stole some of his chips, which Nolan decided was all right after a thoughtful pause. He could appreciate a girl who didn’t pretend that she ate like a Snidget. A lot of pureblood girls did that;... more
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