Alistair Hazelhurst
I reckon it's decent at worst.
Fri Jan 13, 2017 17:35

Alistair smiled at Beatriz and shook her hand, gently, but with a touch of firmness. He had no idea who she was, but she seemed to have an air of importance around her, almost like the minister and his wife back home. She knew she was important, and you could tell by just being in the same vicinity as her, even if she didn't say a word. The way she said her name also made it sound as if he was supposed to recognize who she was, which he did not.

"Nice to meet you Beatriz. Looking forward to working with you." He tried to project his voice a bit more than before, mostly because he was frightened of sounding intimidated by her. Meeting someone with the same as Beatriz meant that you needed to show enough self-worth to not be pushed around by them.

The boy who approached, announcing his was older than both Beatriz and himself had a different sort of gait. One could tell that he was older than himself and Beatriz, but he didn't have the same self-importance that she did. Alistair could also tell that he was trying to make a good impression, as his robes were neatly placed around him. He also noticed that he was one of the only other older students that had kept his robes on, instead of placing them on the ground near them. Al knew of quite a few young men at the church who did the same thing when they were trying to impress the ladies. Although Al didn't really understand why anyone would be trying to impress anyone, as young as they all were in the class.

"Well friend, I agree with Beatriz here, we could use the help. Especially from someone with more experience with magic." Alistair replied with a smile. The boy didn't seem like a bad person, but Al still felt himself tightening up into his usual quiet self as someone else new was directly in front of him. It reminded him of all the times at school when he was placed in group projects, and he simply sat quietly, listening to the students and not exactly saying much.

While Beatriz asked the boy who he was, Alistair felt his right hand slip into the pocket his robes and grip his wand with a sense of nervous energy. He felt rather under-dressed for this group of three, and he was already regretting not putting on one of the many polo shirts that his grandparents had stuffed into his trunk. Both the boy and Beatriz were dressed more nicely than him, and even though he didn't particularly care if people dressed more nicely than him. He still felt that he wasn't putting his best foot forwards in terms of making a good first impression.

Bless my heart, I hate meeting new people this quickly. Alistair thought to himself as he glanced over at a nearby green island. He noticed a decent sized wooden crate that would be perfect as at least a mid-step in their path to the next patch of 'safe' grass, and in his mind he was trying to remember what the heck Miss Bagshot had said in the spellbook they had purchased.

  • Was it a good movie? - Beatriz, Fri Jan 13 10:32
    Beatriz turned and looked at the boy she had ended up speaking to. A boy she remembered from last night who had been sorted into Cetus. There were plenty of Lyra first years she wondered how in the... more
    • I reckon it's decent at worst. - Alistair Hazelhurst, Fri Jan 13 17:35
      • Well at least it wasn't a book - Connor, Sat Jan 14 15:14
        Thankfully, Connor had arrived at the two students before they’d actually made their introductions, which was very convenient for him as he didn’t have to ask them to repeat themselves. He, of... more
        • I like books! - Beatriz, Sat Jan 14 23:26
          Beatriz nodded when Alistair said nice to meet you, and that he looked forward to working with her. That seemed like an odd thing to say since he didn’t know if she would be a good worker or even... more
          • Books are a wonderful thing - Alistair Hazelhurst, Mon Jan 16 17:23
            Alistair smiled as Connor introduced himself. "Pleasure to meet you Connor. I'm in Cetus as well." Watching Connor, Alistair could tell that he was trying to put on a mature face in front of himself... more
            • Wonderful, they call me wonderful - Connor, Mon Jan 23 06:37
              When Beatriz suggested using tires, Connor looked over to where she was looking and she was right - there were several tires there. The Cetus frowned. He wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Since... more
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