I'm sure I could change that
Sun Nov 12, 2017 09:57

He was going to share the food!

There were very few things a person could do to immediately win favor with Kaye. If they were daring and fun, that could work. She also liked it if people wanted to go on crazy adventures and weren’t afraid to speak their minds. Makeup and fashion were pluses, too. Those two things were hard to judge, though, and varied. The easiest thing someone could do would be having food and sharing it with her. It could be anything, of course, but she’d easily judge over the quality and types of food offered. Her first interaction with Ruben, for example, involved magical ice cream.

Kaye immediately sat up for real, even though it hurt a little bit – the fatigue had come with more soreness than usual lately – to scoot over on the blanket. The doctors said that she’d feel better soon, but Kaye couldn’t imagine when soon would come. When she had her low days, they were super low. It’s not like her joints were all swollen today; her ankles had been super bad last weekend and she just didn’t leave Aquila. Her dads sent her with this notebook to track her symptoms after the holiday break, which she’d thought was silly at the time, but now she had a fun couple of rant-y pages of how much stuff sucked for the medic to see at their next appointment. Fun!

Once the other student was settled, Kaye eagerly searched through the offered food. Okay, most of this was rabbit food, but she was super stoked about the cheese. She could guess with some certainty that it was brie, which was the best cheese. She wondered if she could get the house elves to make special brie for her. The best thing ever was when you wrapped up that cheese in puff pastry dough and add cherry preserves in the middle. You popped that in the oven, grabbed some of the most delicious crackers, and waited for it to be done. It was ooey, gooey goodness, and Kaye really wanted one now. She made a mental note to request baked brie from the house elves later.

Kaye Packman really loved food.

“Kaye,” she introduced herself before swiping up some of the cheese and the barbeque chips. Then, she replaced the chips and picked up a few strawberries instead, as well as the baguette. She retrieved her wand, then quickly muttered a spell to slice off a piece of bread. Another spell, and she’d sliced off the top of the strawberry. A third, and the brie was warmed up. It wasn’t too hot to touch, but it was warm enough to smear properly on the bread and top with the strawberry slices she’d managed to make. It wasn’t baked brie, but it was good.

“So I’m not used to RMI’s dress code yet, is ‘just a bra’ part of the uniform? Because I didn’t pack any.”

Kaye offered a shrug as an answer while she finished her mouthful of food. God, it was good. If she asked and explained some of her situation, she’d probably be able to get the elves to deliver food to her on low days. She didn’t want sympathy or pity, though; she wasn’t ready to get over her pride yet. Give it a few more low days and maybe she’d get there.

“The dress code is boring and predictable; I like to make things more interesting,” she grinned, “Besides, I’m sunbathing. This is basically like if I were on the beach in a bikini.” Kaye didn’t see a problem with how she dressed, and no one with authority had said anything to her yet. Not that she would listen, though. She leaned a little closer to Nolan with a raised green eyebrow, enjoying getting to mess with someone after being alone basically all day. “Why? You like it?”

  • I think you’re light enough already - Nolan, Sat Nov 11 12:35
    Her royal highness Green Hair von Spike Bra deigned to take off her sunglasses to look at him. Her eyes were somewhere between pale blue and grey, like morning glories with a layer of sleet on them.... more
    • I'm sure I could change that - Kaye, Sun Nov 12 09:57
      • Somehow I doubt it - Nolan, Wed Nov 15 19:32
        The girl introduced herself as Kay, so ha-ha! He’d been right about the name. And by “he was right” he mostly meant that he’d retained one of the things Heather had told him, which was that her... more
        • Challenge accepted! - Kaye, Sat Nov 18 20:53
          Kaye watched Nolan pick up the chips, and then decided that she did want some after all. Really, she wanted all of the food. She got the feeling that eating everything on the blanket would be ill... more
          • I regret everything - Nolan, Sun Nov 26 23:27
            Kay stole some of his chips, which Nolan decided was all right after a thoughtful pause. He could appreciate a girl who didn’t pretend that she ate like a Snidget. A lot of pureblood girls did that;... more
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