Rose Farnon
Your ego is the envy of none
Tue Nov 14, 2017 09:11

Rose’s weekdays were very scheduled, which was the way she liked it. She moved from rec center to class to class to library to class and usually stopped for a meal and a snack sometime in there, because food was absolutely integral to being able to absorb information. Not to mention that given the amount she exercised, Rose needed to eat a surprising amount of food for someone her size. But today her usual schedule had been a little disrupted; Professor McKindy had canceled their Animagus lesson for the week because he was at some sort of conference for people who invented charms. He had promised to bring her back papers if he thought any would be of interest to her, which was extremely exciting, but for the time being she was in possession of some free time that she hadn’t anticipated having. Rose was all caught up on her work and had already spent some free time that morning studying to catch up in Ancient Runes, so she figured that the extra time would be well-spent on the Pitch.

She was a good Seeker, but as with everything Rose always was making strides to be even better. There were some new moves in Quidditch Weekly that she’d been dying to try out but they were mostly dives, so doing them during practice wasn’t necessarily the best idea until she had a firmer grasp on the moves themselves. Otherwise Rose would end up barrelling nose-first into one of the younger kids or something and then they’d be down a player and she would be embarrassed. During the middle of the day, it was unlikely that there would be younger players (or anyone at all) on the Pitch unless there was a class out there. For the most part, outdoor classes were held in the outdoor classroom, but sometimes a professor (usually Professor McKindy) decided they needed more space than that and transformed the Quidditch Pitch into something more interesting, like an insane obstacle course. But there had been no notices on the Aquila bulletin board that morning about classes being anywhere unexpected, Rose figured she’d be safe.

So Rose had headed up to the room she shared with Mariss, slipped out of her skirt and top, and pulled on her octopus leggings with a simple blue top. She grabbed her broom from where it was leaning against the wall and at the last second decided to grab the Quidditch goggles. Rose rarely wore her Quidditch goggles, but when you were just practising dives it could get a little dodgy with the wind in your eyes after the first couple of times.

Down at the Pitch, Rose put her broom down and started doing some basic stretches, ready to take a warm-up lap around the Pitch, when she saw a lump in the middle. She frowned, then jogged over to the lump ready to offer assistance to whoever it was - when she saw it was Ruben. It was Ruben, sitting there playing with his own stupid hair and making sparks in midair. But Rose was now too close to turn back around and leave without saying something (although she had no intention of saying something nice). Then she noticed the smell. The sixth year paused, and sniffed. Alcohol? Really? At this time of the day, and during the week? Jackass.

Rose aimed a kick at Ruben’s ribs.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to lose House points and get a detention?” It suddenly occurred to Rose that, as a prefect, she had some powers there. She wasn’t about to dock her own House points, but she could say something to Rob or Garen….

  • My hair is the envy of you all. - Ruben Lundqvist, Tue Nov 14 00:09
    It was midafternoon on a weekday, and Ruben was feeling… boozey. Bit early for that. But not too early, so he was okay with it. Having done some snooping in the days following that first Agricultural ... more
    • Your ego is the envy of none - Rose Farnon, Tue Nov 14 09:11
      • Chill, bro, I'm just kidding around - Ruben, Tue Nov 14 23:50
        Some of his very metal fizzley sparks seemed to have developed their own willpower. That was not particularly surprising, because metalheads had some of the most independent willpowers around and of... more
        • I guess I'm just a good man - Rose, Wed Nov 15 07:09
          Rose was not unfamiliar with the concept of being drunk. She definitely had been drunk (once - the first time Marissa’s Aunt Jessie had gotten them alcohol; never again, because Rose was not a fan of ... more
          • The goodest! - Ruben, Thu Nov 16 23:54
            Nej scratch that, Rose had really fun shoelaces. The funnest. Which wasn’t proper English grammar, but (a) it was absolutely proper Swedish grammar (b) he was just talking to himself in his own head... more
            • Well I wouldn't go that far - Rose, Thu Dec 7 09:57
              All right, Rose would admit that the situation was at least entertaining. Ruben, who was usually fully in control of himself and a complete smart-ass, was acting like a particularly stupid toddler.... more
              • How humble you are - Ruben, Sat Dec 16 12:50
                What was happening? First Rose was kicking him, then accusing them of not being friends after all (pffft as if), and now she was throwing herself at him. This was all very strange. Maybe it was... more
                • Or something - Rose, Sat Dec 16 13:23
                  One way or another Rose found herself back on her feet, and she chose to accept the reality in which Ruben had not helped her up, even if helping her up had meant pushing her off him. Irritated, she... more
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