Chill, bro, I'm just kidding around
Tue Nov 14, 2017 23:50

Some of his very metal fizzley sparks seemed to have developed their own willpower. That was not particularly surprising, because metalheads had some of the most independent willpowers around and of course his sparks would take after that admirable quality, but it was confusing. Ruben squinted, and then tried looking at the trail of sparks one eye at a time, blinking slowly, but he couldn’t quite tell any more whether they were coming from his aimlessly twirling finger or chasing his finger. Probably chasing. Predatory little beasties. “Vad fan?” Muttering to himself, he darted his finger around more quickly and attempted to trick the red beasties into zigging when he zagged, hoping to intersect them at some point and bonk the trail on the nose. Not that sparks had noses, nope, not even beastie sparks.

But he had a nose, and it was itchy right now, because there was hair on top of it. He blew out again and only succeeded in causing the clump of hair to drift farther up the bridge of his nose. Now that was no longer a moostache. It was a travesty. He could do better. He immediately lost interest in the sparks and began rearranging his hair.

The Swede was so preoccupied with this most important of businesses that he didn’t notice anyone else nearby, at least not until someone kicked him in the ribs.

Ruben didn’t say anything for a moment. Blue eyes just turned down, staring at his abdomen in a mix of disbelief and bewilderment and curiosity and maybe some other emotion too that he couldn’t remember the same of. He’d been… kicked? He pulled up his shirt and idly slapped at his abs to check what was going on there. Well, it didn’t really hurt, just sort of throbbed a bit but not in an ouch way, so whatever. Current Ruben was good with it. (Future Ruben would probably have opinions about it. But Future Ruben wasn’t here right now, was he? Missing out on all the fun. Loser.)

“Rooooood,” he drawled, stretching out the vowel and smearing it up and down an unidentified musical scale. He did not pull his shirt back down, but he did finally raise his eyes and discover the culprit. “Rose? You are the one who is being rude? Roood Roooooose? ...Nej nej,” he backtracked, holding up a finger in a shush gesture, “I will fix that.” Ruben considered it very seriously for exactly two-thirds of a second before erupting into the loud, classic trilled R that the Swedish language was so fond of and the untalented English-speakers were, well, untalented at. “Rrrrrrrrude Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrose... Neeej nej nej, even better: Rrrrrrrooooooose is being rrrrrrrroooood to Rrrrrrrrooooooooben!”

Highly satisfied with himself, he giggled snickered cackled in an extremely manly way that was not at all high-pitched or resembling a fit or causing a single laughing tear to come sliding out… Wait. Nope. That did happen. Ew. Ruben gave himself a cheerful, overly enthusiastic smack in the face to get rid of the evidence and then flashed a broad grin up at Rose. “We match so perfectly with our names,” he informed her. “This is strange. There can only be one!” The finger jabbed upright again. He also giggled cackled again, considered booping her nose, realized he couldn’t reach while lying on the ground, and attempted to boop her shoe instead. Heh. Booooop the shooooooe. She had fun shoelaces.

  • Your ego is the envy of none - Rose Farnon, Tue Nov 14 09:11
    Rose’s weekdays were very scheduled, which was the way she liked it. She moved from rec center to class to class to library to class and usually stopped for a meal and a snack sometime in there,... more
    • Chill, bro, I'm just kidding around - Ruben, Tue Nov 14 23:50
      • I guess I'm just a good man - Rose, Wed Nov 15 07:09
        Rose was not unfamiliar with the concept of being drunk. She definitely had been drunk (once - the first time Marissa’s Aunt Jessie had gotten them alcohol; never again, because Rose was not a fan of ... more
        • The goodest! - Ruben, Thu Nov 16 23:54
          Nej scratch that, Rose had really fun shoelaces. The funnest. Which wasn’t proper English grammar, but (a) it was absolutely proper Swedish grammar (b) he was just talking to himself in his own head... more
          • Well I wouldn't go that far - Rose, Thu Dec 7 09:57
            All right, Rose would admit that the situation was at least entertaining. Ruben, who was usually fully in control of himself and a complete smart-ass, was acting like a particularly stupid toddler.... more
            • How humble you are - Ruben, Sat Dec 16 12:50
              What was happening? First Rose was kicking him, then accusing them of not being friends after all (pffft as if), and now she was throwing herself at him. This was all very strange. Maybe it was... more
              • Or something - Rose, Sat Dec 16 13:23
                One way or another Rose found herself back on her feet, and she chose to accept the reality in which Ruben had not helped her up, even if helping her up had meant pushing her off him. Irritated, she... more
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