Challenge accepted!
Sat Nov 18, 2017 20:53

Kaye watched Nolan pick up the chips, and then decided that she did want some after all. Really, she wanted all of the food. She got the feeling that eating everything on the blanket would be ill advised, though. The doctors wanted her to eat more, but they probably meant that she needed to eat healthy things. Or healthy portions. Or something. So she didn’t grab all of the chips, but she did take a nice handful over to her side of the blanket.

Granted, there was a very thin line of separation between her side and Nolan’s, so it wasn’t like the chips actually moved that much.

This Nolan guy definitely wasn’t shy. She couldn’t help but grin and raise one of her green eyebrows when he looked at her a little too long. The Aquila had a lot going on, and it was nice to be looked at, especially by someone who probably had no idea she’d just gotten out of a hospital. Like, no one actually looked at her with pity or whatever, but Ruben seeing her without hair and Holland and Emmett seeing her all sick made her feel super weird. She didn’t like thinking about it.

“S’all right. But jeans don’t seem like the best choice for tanning.” Kaye opened her mouth to point out that she said nothing about tanning; her skin was destined to burn way before it ever tanned. Plus, knowing her luck, if she tried to tan, she’d just get skin cancer and die. At least she wouldn’t have to lose her hair to chemo, though, and she’d finally get to just be a cancer patient like everyone assumed she was when they noticed she didn’t have any hair. “But jeans don’t seem like the best choice for tanning.”

Oh, look at that, a nice, distracting, (accidental) challenge.

“You know what?” Kaye said, nodding her head slowly, “You’re right.” She didn’t explain that one of the reasons she was sunbathing was because just being in the sunlight was, supposedly, good for mental health or whatever, energy levels, science, blah, blah, blah. She didn’t know if any of that worked with artificial sunlight created with magic, but a placebo effect would be better than no effect at all, right?

Anyway, Kaye pulled the red leather jacket over her legs and lay on her back once more. With a little bit of effort, and some wiggling, she peeled the graffiti colored skinny jeans off of her legs without disturbing the jacket. She then grinned and draped the jeans over Nolan’s legs. She stared at him for a good few seconds before pointing her wand at her definitely too lacy to be appropriate underwear and muttering a couple of spells. She looked under the jacket to double check, and then with a dramatic sweep, she threw the red jacket onto Nolan to reveal…!

“Oh my god, you should see your face,” Kaye cracked up, sitting up again and crossing her legs. The black shorts she’d turned her underwear into looked good. The edges were frayed and there was lace in some places, but everything that needed to be covered was covered. She could get into using magic with fashion. “You just met me. If I hear something that sounds like a challenge, I’m probably going to do it. I’ve been called… charmingly fearless before.” That may have been a lie. He didn’t need to know. “This is fun, thank you.”

  • Somehow I doubt it - Nolan, Wed Nov 15 19:32
    The girl introduced herself as Kay, so ha-ha! He’d been right about the name. And by “he was right” he mostly meant that he’d retained one of the things Heather had told him, which was that her... more
    • Challenge accepted! - Kaye, Sat Nov 18 20:53
      • I regret everything - Nolan, Sun Nov 26 23:27
        Kay stole some of his chips, which Nolan decided was all right after a thoughtful pause. He could appreciate a girl who didn’t pretend that she ate like a Snidget. A lot of pureblood girls did that;... more
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