I regret everything
Sun Nov 26, 2017 23:27

Kay stole some of his chips, which Nolan decided was all right after a thoughtful pause. He could appreciate a girl who didn’t pretend that she ate like a Snidget. A lot of pureblood girls did that; they’d eat a half a salad at dinner, say they only wanted “one bite” of dessert, and then stare longingly at your food. Then you had to offer them some twice before they would accept anything more than rabbit food.

It got old really fast. After all, Nolan had met girls when they weren’t trying to impress anyone. His second cousin (or however she was related to him—at some point you just gave up on specifics and called everyone your “cousin”) ate like a guy when she didn’t have potential suitors around, and then she didn’t have to pretend she didn’t want to pick off other peoples’ plates. Also she was the heir apparent to her father’s massive company and fortune, so clearly that attitude had gotten her pretty far. Granted, she wasn’t skinny, but most people didn’t really care about that with her. After all, she was smart and loaded.



What in Merlin’s name was happening?

Just. Uh. Kay was taking off her pants now, which was definitely not what people were supposed to do in public. She had her jacket over her… personal area… right now, but he could still tell what she was doing! “Whoa,” Nolan said, like he was trying to slow Quint without using his reins or heels. The fourth year’s whole face, neck to hairline, flushed red. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?”

He couldn’t decide whether or not to glance away when she whipped the leather jacket off, so he kind of turned his head to the side but kept his eyes on her legs, which was probably not the most gentlemanly thing to do, but in fairness to Nolan, Kay had started it. Okay so she was wearing shorts under her pants (super weird in general, not too weird compared to Kay taking off her pants) but they were still, uh, really tight. Nolan felt his blush deepening. He moved the jacket she’d thrown at him onto his lap because of reasons.

“Charmingly fearless,” he repeated flatly. He looked away from Kay to take a bite of bread and camembrie. It was really good. Also the chewing gave him time to figure out how he was supposed to respond to Kay. She seemed really pleased with herself and with him, so that was good, at least, probably. Nolan wasn’t completely sure whether that was good or not, because she just seemed like weird, slightly scary person. He also wasn’t sure whether or not that was bad.

Recovering his wits, Nolan shot back, “Yeah, I just met you, and you took off your pants within about five minutes.” He laughed, deciding against making an overt joke about how good he must be at talking to girls. She didn’t seem like the kind of person who would appreciate that. “So what other… fun challenges have you done?” If she was so charmingly fearless, then she wouldn’t have any problems answering that question. At this point it seemed pretty safe to say that Kay wasn’t like any girls Nolan had ever met before. After he asked the question, he noticed that her wand was in her hand. So maybe she hadn’t been wearing the shorts underneath her pants, she had just turned her knickers into shorts. That was still a little weird, but not the weirdest thing she’d said or done during the conversation.

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    Kaye watched Nolan pick up the chips, and then decided that she did want some after all. Really, she wanted all of the food. She got the feeling that eating everything on the blanket would be ill... more
    • I regret everything - Nolan, Sun Nov 26 23:27
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