Fast enough that we feel the wind!
Fri Jan 13, 2017 17:59

"Now what?"

The first-year's words didn't sound nearly as enthusiastic as they should have. But maybe that was just because she was extra-enthusiastic about today's lesson. Yep, that was probably it, Marley decided. Normal was relative, as she had learned, although she couldn't quite remember where she had learned that. Possibly from her Muggle social studies classes, but they were tucked way back in her memory, far enough that a general fuzziness had swamped every lesson (barring the one day their teacher had declared a field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum and she had spent a delighted afternoon running from angled window to angled window and giggling with her friends at their distorted reflections, which didn't count because a field trip could never be a real lesson, no matter how hard teachers tried to make it one).

"Now, we're gonna crush this game," she declared cheerfully, giving the metal disc in her fingers a brief stare before attempting to stuff it in her pocket. "Well, not really 'crush it', that's a bit violent. I'm not a very violent person. I mean, technically, I play Beater for Lyra--" or rather, she had been accepted on the team as Beater last year, to likely everyone's surprise except hers, and she assumed she would make it past try-outs again this year. Unless some older student went for it instead. She didn't think she would be mad if that happened because of course everyone should have a chance to play, but her mum had been a Beater for like, years, and she wanted to be one too! "--and Beating is sort of the most violent position. But that doesn't mean I actually like breaking things. It's exciting but kinda sad every time, you know?"

Especially since 'breaking things' usually meant 'breaking bones', at least in the standard interpretation of what being a Quidditch Beater was all about. Frankie, the super-tall super-cool Lyra Captain, was also a Beater and he took it pretty seriously. Marley was certain that she'd heard some telltale crunching noises following his bludgers last year. It was the type of sound that she couldn't quite make up her mind over; it made her stomach twist up uncomfortably, but it also made her... happy? A weird type of happy, like when you ripped off a Band-Aid and it hurt and you instantly regretted it, except actually you didn't and instead vaguely wished there was another Band-Aid around to do it all over again.

The disc wouldn't fit in her pocket, to her (temporary) disgruntlement. "Ugh, girls' pants are dumb," she groaned. "Didja know they never have real pockets?" Marley owned a couple pairs of boys' pants, which she normally wore when doing semi-athletic things because they were looser and easier to move around in. Alas, it was only after she left her dorm room that she saw the Spellwork notice on the bulletin board, and that point she was too hungry for breakfast to go back and change. Balancing on one foot, she tucked the disc into her left shoe. Her sneakers were a size too big, courtesy of her grandmum's firm belief that she would hit a growth spurt this year, so the hunk of metal fit with room to spare. "Perfect. Okay, let's go! There's the cardboard I mentioned earlier," Marley reiterated, pointing it out to him. "We could do like, a leapfrog thing, and keep pulling stuff closer to jump on. What do you think?"

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    • Fast enough that we feel the wind! - Marley, Fri Jan 13 17:59
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