Professor Arthur Bennett
Bamboozled By Billywigs [Magizoobotany, Years 4-7]
Tue Dec 12, 2017 01:33

Arthur was floating. Literally. Hovering a few inches off the ground, he looked like a veritable angel of chaos: he was, for some reason, barefoot, generally covered in dirt, glasses askew, and his tawny hair, like the rest of his body, was defying gravity. He was a sight to see, though students more familiar with his general antics would likely be less surprised than might be expected.

“Come in, everyone, and shut the door, quick! QUICK!” He grinned triumphantly as the last student slammed the door of the greenhouse shut. “Ha ha! Excellent! Now gather ‘round, everyone! I’m so glad you could make it.” Now granted, this specific Magizoobotany class was mandatory for all upper years, but it had also been scheduled about 15 minutes ago, so really, everyone’s appearance was worth applauding. Thank goodness Professor Boot had wandered into the greenhouse right after the billywigs escaped. It was really just incredibly fortuitous and not at all suspicious. And it had been so helpful of him to alert the staff members of the dilemma and join them in herding the older kids over. Yes, that Professor Boot was an upstanding sort. Arthur beamed at the students, unconsciously itching the string of rather large purple welts going up his arms.

“So,” he said, suddenly serious, “we have a situation at hand. And it’s a great learning opportunity too!” He grimaced. “I keep forgetting I should be quiet,” he mumbled to himself. He looked around the room suspiciously before turning back to the students and whispering, “Here’s the deal. About 40 billywigs are loose in the greenhouse. And it’s up to us to catch them.” Then, because he was Arthur, he gave up all pretense of being quiet and crowed enthusiastically: “Isn’t that great?! This is what Magizoobotany is all about! Unexpected situations where you have to grapple with creatures and face the unknown, with just your wand and your wits to guide you!” Unhappy with the amount of enthusiasm the students were showing, he continued, “We are about to embark on the ultimate adventure! An adventure of…of… the soul, of the heart!”

It was then that he was bopped on the head by a honking daffodil, and a strangely silent one at that. “Oh all right, all right, I know, I know, my friend. Okay.” Arthur attempted to pat the plant on its supposed head but got bopped again instead. Turning back to the class, he said, “I silenced them so you could hear me properly. They’re not happy about it. The entire greenhouse is actually in an uproar. The chomping cabbage has shredded most of the seasonal guide, the daffodils are staging a mutiny, and the flutterby bushes are emitting unappealing odors out of sheer anxiety. The poor things. But it's nothing we can't handle!”

Without another word, Arthur launched himself off a pot and right into a dirigible plum plant, sending several blue, snitch-sized creatures flying. “Stupefy!” It was a direct hit. One of the creatures came to a sudden halt and dropped right into Arthur’s hands. Panting slightly, he held the creature up with pride. “This is a billywig. Very blue, very fast, and they’ve got a sting to ‘em. As you can see, I’ve been stung several times,” he said, gesturing at the welts on his arms. “It’s not too painful, like a bee sting, really, and all it does is make you float a bit and feel a little giddy. The effects wear off pretty quickly, say in 5-10 minutes, unless you’ve been stung as much as I have.” He grinned at his arms ruefully. “I’ve probably got another half hour of floating left.”

As the billywig in his hand started to stir, Arthur placed it gently in a large cage on the floor. “So there you have it! Use whatever means necessary to catch the little bubs, but be careful not to hurt them or any of the plants in the room. Gloves and other equipment are in the usual spots. I recommend working in groups as it’s a bit easier if you can corner them. Now off you go!”

Once the students bustled away, Arthur cast a quick finite incantatem, undoing the silencing spell he’d cast earlier. Almost instantaneously, the room was filled with the noise of distressed plants, the buzzing of wings, and general mayhem. With a contented sigh, Arthur prepared to launch himself at another group of plants. This was Magizoobotany at its finest.


Hi everyone! I 100% cackled the entire time while writing this post.

Usual rules apply, double points for the longest thread. Please keep in mind that there aren’t any terribly dangerous creatures or plants in the greenhouse. Tag Arthur only if you absolutely need him to launch himself in your student’s direction, but don’t tag each other, yeah?

Have fun!

    • This could be problematic - Brynjolf Nilssen, Sat Dec 30 16:13
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    • I made it.. - Camilla Baird, Fri Dec 29 15:54
      The blonde eighteen-year old was in a bit of a rush. For starters, her tutoring session ended later than it always did, but truthfully she didn’t care. Camilla loved her tutor, and during this... more
      • Making it was the easy part. - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Jan 3 15:37
        In a school that only required a four-class schedule, Emmett considered his five-class roster as overachieving. Not overachieving by, for example, Holland’s standards - his best friend took, like,... more
        • Re: Making it was the easy part. - Camilla, Wed Jan 3 17:00
          This wasn't ideal in any way whatsoever. One, why did she need to do extra work in order to correct someone else’s mistake?. Two, she had, stupidly, approached Rose’s boyfriend, Emmett. Their mutual... more
    • Least of my problems - Dardanius Dubois, Wed Dec 20 16:22
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      • Yeah, I don't care about the rest of them. Or this one. - Maverick Buchannan, Fri Dec 29 09:50
        As ever, Maverick found himself trapped in some school-related dumbassery. In this case, it was an impromptu Magizoobotany class. Admittedly, it was less dumbassery than the stupid babies thing he’d... more
        • So compassionate - Dardanius , Sat Dec 30 15:58
          Grabbing a pair of gloves for himself, and another for his yearmate, Danny pulled on the only protective gear that had been provided and made his way back over to where Maverick was standing still... more
    • Not my ideal way to spend a day - Myfanwy Owen, Wed Dec 20 09:47
      Being summoned to a random, mandatory class didn’t strictly fall into the category of things that did not cause Myfanwy some sort of minor irritation. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to go - she liked ... more
      • This isn't anyone's ideal day - Elijah Carthy, Wed Dec 20 11:36
        Elijah was not pleased. For starters, he didn’t even like Magizoobotany. It was an unnecessary class for his chosen careers choice and would do him little good in the long run. But it was a mandatory ... more
        • What would you prefer? - Myfanwy, Wed Dec 20 15:07
          The older student was even less suitably dressed for this than Myfanwy was herself, looking like he’d just come from some sort of field exercise or something. Actually she recognised him, he was one... more
          • Anything but this. - Elijah, Fri Dec 29 16:01
            I don't know was not a very reassuring answer and Elijah frowned in response. He belatedly wished that he'd partnered with someone else, but really everyone else was too far away for him to get to.... more
            • It could be worse - Myffi, Thu Jan 4 07:43
              “Immobulus, right,” Myffi nodded. She could give it a try. Her spellwork was pretty good really, at least average, and it was one of those spells that probably wouldn’t cause much damage if her aim... more
              • Could it? - Elijah, Thu Jan 4 16:09
                Elijah wasn’t sure how fast billywig stings worked. He felt a little giddy, but his feet were still securely on the ground. At least for the moment. It was ridiculous that they had been offered only... more
    • This is not the afternoon I had planned - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Dec 18 22:40
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      • You’re telling me - Holland Keene, Tue Dec 19 14:57
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        • I can tell you more things! - Marissa, Sun Dec 24 15:11
          “Thanks,” Marissa cheerfully replied. She definitely wasn’t dressed for this lesson. Holland seemed to have the right idea to cover up. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything she could put on to cover... more
          • Holland took the billywig from Marissa, careful not to injure it, and deposited it in the cage that Professor Bennett had set up. They hoped the Magizoobotany professor had set up the cage so that... more
            • Okay, but what if you did? - Marissa, Thu Dec 28 21:37
              Marissa could tell that her suggestion didn’t go over well with Holland. Her friend knew how to hide their feelings from people relatively well, but Marissa wasn’t a People. She knew them. Clearly,... more
              • That sounds like a bad idea - Holland, Fri Dec 29 15:55
                Holland was very tempted to tell Marissa that they didn’t want to talk about this either. This wasn’t true, strictly speaking; they very much wanted to talk to someone about it, but there was no one... more
    • Not our usual type of mayhem - Rose Farnon, Sat Dec 16 13:07
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        • I hate to break it to you, bud... - Rose, Sat Dec 23 15:50
          Of course it was Russell. Rose would have scowled at that realization if she hadn’t been busy wondering how many billywig stings it would take for her to start floating like Professor Bennett. As far ... more
          • Russell, who had already been feeling significantly less energized than the riled-up foliage around them, wilted even further at her snapped response. It was somewhat surprising (a good type of... more
            • I'm glad you came prepared - Rose, Sun Dec 31 22:20
              As Russell continued to speak, Rose continued to stare at him flatly, wondering if he had even listened to a word she had said. Well, it was clear that he had listened, but it wasn’t clear if he had... more
              • Um I'm never prepared - Russell, Wed Jan 3 15:19
                Painfully aware, now literally, that Professor Bennett had instructed them not to cause any harm to the bugs, Russell had to fight to keep his hands at his side. It was hard to fight the automatic... more
                • Then I take it back - Rose, Sun Jan 7 10:19
                  Probably for the purposes of showing that he wasn’t utterly useless, Russell conjured some ice and held it against his neck. Rose raised her eyebrows. Her billywig sting didn’t feel like it required... more
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