How humble you are
Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:50

What was happening? First Rose was kicking him, then accusing them of not being friends after all (pffft as if), and now she was throwing herself at him. This was all very strange. Maybe it was hormones, and she'd just been trying to fight her attraction to him all along but couldn't fight it anymore. Maybe because he was extra-hot today. Not that his hotness level was any different today than other days, obviously, because he was always hot, but it could have been influenced by those... those... not hormones, but something ending in mone, what were they called? Those sex chemicals that oozed out and didn't actually make you hotter but did make you irresistable to other people. Yeah, that made sense. The sexiness or whatever of sex chemicals were probably enhanced by alcohol.

Ruben snickered at the thought of sexy chemicals and then sighed immediately after. Both sounds came out muffled, thanks to the fact that his face was essentially inside Rose's chest right now. He had never experienced his face being made into a boob sandwich in quite this way before - since there were always better ways to occupy both parts of that equation - and he couldn't say that he would be seeking it again. Although the phrase 'boob sandwich' was great, and Ruben snickered again, smug at having thought of it. He was such a witty dude.

"My nose has pain," he announced to Rose, fidgeting until he could wrap long fingers around her waist and physically push her off him. Well, okay, he didn't exactly heft her in the air, but he propped her up a bit, elbows solidly planted in the dirt, and held that pose. Either she would get herself up the rest of the way or stay put. He didn't care much which. "If you want some of me or that, you can just ask nice," Ruben informed her, sort of lecturing but also definitely grinning. At the that, his eyes had pointed towards the nearby bottle. "You do not need to kick and make a bother." His gaze had gone back to Rose briefly, but then zoomed again onto the bottle.

It looked empty. No no no, it couldn't be empty. The last he saw, it was like, half full, because he was saving the rest for later, remember? Ruben glared at the bottle. "Pineapple it, some molding cheese-faced troll has stolen from me!" (He thought he was cursing in Swedish. It sounded way more eloquent and angry in Swedish. Unfortunately he was not cursing in Swedish.) "We must catch them and kill them!"

  • Well I wouldn't go that far - Rose, Thu Dec 7 09:57
    All right, Rose would admit that the situation was at least entertaining. Ruben, who was usually fully in control of himself and a complete smart-ass, was acting like a particularly stupid toddler.... more
    • How humble you are - Ruben, Sat Dec 16 12:50
      • Or something - Rose, Sat Dec 16 13:23
        One way or another Rose found herself back on her feet, and she chose to accept the reality in which Ruben had not helped her up, even if helping her up had meant pushing her off him. Irritated, she... more
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