Or something
Sat Dec 16, 2017 13:23

One way or another Rose found herself back on her feet, and she chose to accept the reality in which Ruben had not helped her up, even if helping her up had meant pushing her off him. Irritated, she brushed the dirt from the Pitch off her knees and glared down at the obnoxious blond, who had kept talking. Well, amusing comments about cheese-trolls aside, Rose decided that she’d had just about enough of playing nice with Ruben, particularly after his implication that she would want anything to do with him in that way.

She leaned over and picked up the empty container, sniffing it and making a face. Definitely alcohol, not that there had been any real doubt about that. Where he’d gotten it was anybody’s best guess, since he was underaged in the States. Although he could have smuggled it back from wherever the hell he usually lived, when he wasn’t plaguing RMI. Marissa also managed to get alcohol pretty easily when she wanted to, but that was mostly because her Aunt Jessie had a very loose understanding around the concept of someone being ‘underage’. Apparently she’d never even finished magical school and had, instead, dropped out and moved in with Marissa’s grandfathers when she’d come of-age. Jessie seemed perfectly happy as a dragonkeeper though, and Rose supposed you didn’t need much general education to do that. Specific education, on things like how not to get set on fire, was probably advisable though.

“Right,” Rose said cheerily, pulling her wand out in the hand that wasn’t holding the bottle. “You’re a wreck and I’m not going to deal with it. Glacius Aguamenti,” she moved her wand and a spurt of ice-cold water sprang from it in Ruben’s general direction. That would get him up and moving, and then she could decide if she wanted to turn him in or not depending on how annoying he was in the interim. There was always the chance that he’d get back at her by telling about some of the things he knew she had done, but since that would mean admitting he had done those things too, Rose was pretty sure she was safe.

Ruben wasn’t really the tattling type, anyway, despite his penchant for talking far too much.

  • How humble you are - Ruben, Sat Dec 16 12:50
    What was happening? First Rose was kicking him, then accusing them of not being friends after all (pffft as if), and now she was throwing herself at him. This was all very strange. Maybe it was... more
    • Or something - Rose, Sat Dec 16 13:23
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