Russell Drew
I'd like to be left out of any and all mayhem, please
Mon Dec 18, 2017 19:40

Oh no. This was awful.

Greenhouses were in general awful, because they were reflective glass boxes with too much light bouncing around inside, and that was basically the definition of torture by Russell's standards. He had been curious about Magizoology when he was first looking at transferring to RMI; his tutors had given him some instruction about plants and animals, but all specific to California, and more comprehensive seemed like it might be useful. The first couple classes had been outdoors (which was still awful but slightly less) but then they had been introduced to the greenhouses. Russell had made it through that class with his sanity barely intact, and then promptly appealed to Mr. Tennant to drop it. Apparently, though, that didn't qualify him to be left out of whatever mysterious crisis had come up today. Because apparently the crisis was important enough that he and the handful of other older students in the library had to be herded out to face it.

The combination of 'unspoken crisis' plus 'greenhouse' was enough that surely anyone even vaguely aware of Russell's existence wouldn't have to think too hard to figure out that, also apparently, this was a nightmare for him. The worst nightmare - the type that happened in broad daylight. Seriously, he hadn't thought that greenhouses could get any more awful than they already were, but now there were apparently 'blue' bugs (sigh) on the rampage zapping people, and Professor Bennett was all puffed-up and floating too, and the entire roomful of plants was suspiciously silent despite all the plants shaking around doing whatever they did except in the most chaotic way...

He was already sweating. It was humid inside the greenhouse, but not enough to justify the damp patch that he was certain was slowly spreading down his back. Russell had gotten dressed this morning in anticipation of his normal stress-load: a cotton-blend collared shirt, comfortable shorts, and sandals that for once were not paired with socks, having finally picked up on the very subtle hints he now assumed Holland had been dropping all along. But this was all a mistake and not enough to handle his current stress levels. The shirt clung to his back and kept his armpits from airing out, the shorts that usually swung from bony hips were now sticking and sliding intermittedly, and his sandals-- He wasn't even gonna risk looking too closely. Or anything involving sensory reception too closely. Gosh, he should've worn his nice moisture-wicking socks after all. See, there was a function for socks with sandals; it not only kept off the dirt, but also prevented sweaty toes! How did people even wear sandals barefoot without drawing attention to their gross, smelly feet?

At least the room stunk, too. Those bushes were almost as bad as feet.

Russell, who had been standing along the edge of the group, pointedly not looking at the window pressed up against his shoulder, was distracted by his own thoughts enough that he didn't note any warning of the Silencio being lifted. But then it was. And how was it possible that this kept getting even worse?? It felt like he jumped a foot when the nearest daffodil honked loudly right in his ear. He had yelped at the unexpected sound as well, a bit too shrill to be masculine, but he was going to pretend that didn't happen because um, awkward.

Tentatively inching along the side of the room, trying to avoid both the grumpy Dragonsnappers on his left and the horde of also mostly grumpy students on his right, Russell managed to make it to the equipment bin but did not succeed in either of his other endeavours. There was a chomp taken out of the hem of his shirt, and now Rose was stepping on his feet. Yet another point for not going barefoot in sandals. "Ow!" he muttered before adding a hasty "No worries," in response to her apology. Well, apology-turned-sweary. He wouldn't have been surprised at that transition even if it came out of nowhere, because Rose was Rose and he was him, but the way she rubbed at her neck suggested she'd been stung. "Uhh," he looked around, "I... don't think so? They're hard to see." The brief glimpse he'd gotten during Professor Bennett's demonstration was of a Snitch-like bug, which as a Seeker should not be too difficult to catch, except their mid-grey bodies blended in too well with the leaves. And there were leaves everywhere. Russell sighed and leaned closer to grab himself a pair of gloves. "Can't we just Accio them? I mean, of course it won't be that easy, probably, but worth a try, yeah?" He didn't want the bugs he couldn't see near him, but he wanted them less to be close-and-hidden.

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    • I'd like to be left out of any and all mayhem, please - Russell Drew, Mon Dec 18 19:40
      • I hate to break it to you, bud... - Rose, Sat Dec 23 15:50
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              • Then I take it back - Rose, Sun Jan 7 10:19
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