Holland Keene
You’re telling me
Tue Dec 19, 2017 14:57

Since their conversation after the beach party, Holland had felt awkward around Danny. Hopefully none of their friends had noticed, although Holland felt certain someone had realized there was less cross talk between them and Danny when the group hung out together, or that Emmett had figured out that one of them would sometimes split off and make their own way to the common room on their own instead of walking as a group of three like they usually did. (Emmett was not the most perceptive seer in the coven, but it was still possible he might picked up on it.) They also weren’t spending as much time one on one with Danny as they normally did. Holland wouldn’t say they were avoiding him so much as being… less available. It was easier in terms of not-feeling-weird to hang out with Maverick and Myffi, who weren’t involved in any relationship drama. The latter was particularly easy, as her room was adjacent to Holland’s.

After thinking about it for a few days, Holland still couldn’t fathom why Danny would tell them he felt that way about them. Holland admittedly became suspicious easily, and it was possible they might have worked it out had Danny not told them. But so what? Even if Holland had thought something was up, they probably wouldn’t have mentioned it to anyone. Holland might be a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but going around accusing people of having feelings for you was a really narcissistic interpretation of truth-seeking. Besides, Danny was happily dating Marissa.

Unless he said something because they are not so happily dating, the conspiratorial part of Holland’s brain suggested. But Holland rejected that idea too. Marissa and Danny clearly liked each other a lot. They were good together. And if Danny wanted to break up with Marissa, he could do it. Holland wasn’t there to be an excuse or a safety. Then they felt bad for even considering that Danny would think that way. Holland was fairly sure he wouldn’t. Granted, they had been fairly sure about some other things that hadn’t been as true as they thought, but this was different. Danny was a good person and one of their best friends, and it was difficult for Holland to believe he would think of them or Marissa in a truly negative way.

Not being able to talk to anyone about this made for a lot of overanalyzing. Ugh. Holland had decided to write home and was on their way to the library to do so when Kaz came rushing down the hall toward them. He shooed Holland, Kateri Lemont, and the new Aquila transfer to the Quidditch Pitch, explaining on the way that the Billywigs had gotten loose.

When they arrived in the greenhouse, Professor Bennett was floating a few inches in the air, looking ominously gleeful for someone who was involuntarily floating. More students trickled in as the professor explained the situation. Marissa and Danny walked in holding hands. See? Happily dating. Holland diverted their attention. They were slightly proud to see that Russell had finally figured out not to wear socks with sandals. He was still mixing a pattern with conflicting colors of ombre, but: baby steps. Sandeled, sockless baby steps.

Having dropped Magizoobotany three years ago, Holland wasn’t sure whether Billywig stings could pierce clothing. If Professor Bennett seemed to think gloves would help, though, then it couldn’t hurt to be covered. Holland unrolled the sleeves of their gray bomber jacket and zipped it up over their turquoise tank top. They couldn’t do anything more to cover their face, but hopefully the leggings they were wearing as pants would protect their legs well enough. Holland was pulling the provided gloves on when they felts something small and soft fall on their head. They looked down in time to see a stupefied billywig fall in front of them, to be scooped up by a student with curly red hair.


“Nice shot,” Holland said, drawing their own wand. They didn’t particularly want to spend the rest of the afternoon working in a group with Marissa right now, but they supposed it could be worse; they could have to spend the rest of the afternoon working in a group with both Marissa and Danny. This was going to be fine. “Definitely not what I had planned for today,” Holland agreed, loud enough to be heard over all the buzzing and general mayhem, “but I guess that Defense lesson with the Lurlinas prepared us for this. At least we can see the billywigs.” It would be much worse if they were invisible.

  • This is not the afternoon I had planned - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Dec 18 22:40
    Well, it finally happened. One of her family members had the uncomfortable honor of being the first to catch her and Danny doing inappropriate stuff. They’d met in the Practical Lab so they could... more
    • You’re telling me - Holland Keene, Tue Dec 19 14:57
      • I can tell you more things! - Marissa, Sun Dec 24 15:11
        “Thanks,” Marissa cheerfully replied. She definitely wasn’t dressed for this lesson. Holland seemed to have the right idea to cover up. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything she could put on to cover... more
        • Holland took the billywig from Marissa, careful not to injure it, and deposited it in the cage that Professor Bennett had set up. They hoped the Magizoobotany professor had set up the cage so that... more
          • Okay, but what if you did? - Marissa, Thu Dec 28 21:37
            Marissa could tell that her suggestion didn’t go over well with Holland. Her friend knew how to hide their feelings from people relatively well, but Marissa wasn’t a People. She knew them. Clearly,... more
            • That sounds like a bad idea - Holland, Fri Dec 29 15:55
              Holland was very tempted to tell Marissa that they didn’t want to talk about this either. This wasn’t true, strictly speaking; they very much wanted to talk to someone about it, but there was no one... more
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