Elijah Carthy
This isn't anyone's ideal day
Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:36

Elijah was not pleased. For starters, he didn’t even like Magizoobotany. It was an unnecessary class for his chosen careers choice and would do him little good in the long run. But it was a mandatory class that he’d heard about a short time ago. Which brought him to his second problem. There was no time crunch for him to get there, he’d already been on the Pitch running laps with Steven Rhines, the sixth-year Cetus beater. So of course, it had become more of a race to see who could finish their laps before class. Neither of them had won, tiring more quickly the more they pushed themselves. The result, as expected, was that both boys were out of breath and covered in a fine amount of dirt and grass for trying to trip each other up. Thankfully though, the greenhouse tended to be messy anyway with all the plants. It still didn’t help the fact that Elijah hated Magizoobotany.

It was because of that exact fact that Elijah and Steven were the last ones in the Greenhouse, the seventh year pulling the door shut quickly at Professor Bennett’s command. With an eyeroll at the man’s enthusiasm, Elijah tried to put himself in a mindset that wasn’t hating the entire class. That was easier said than done, but it would benefit the Cetus significantly to have a somewhat positive attitude about the ordeal. It was no surprise to Elijah that there was a problem. That seemed to be the theme with this particular subject and was one of the reasons that it was not his favorite. Green eyes narrowed unhappily as Professor Bennett explained what was going on. The plants were silenced, demon bees were flying around that would make him float and be obnoxiously happy, what more could go wrong? But there was a thought, if they stung him, maybe he’d be less displeased about having an impromptu class.

Really it wasn’t even a class for that matter, it was fixing what someone had messed up in the first place. Elijah was pretty sure that billywigs didn’t just magically get out of their cage, but he wasn’t exactly going to place the blame on anyone. Getting stung didn’t seem too bad, even if floating was a side-effect. The class wouldn’t have been that bad, but apparently Bennett was done talking and the obnoxious din of the plants sent Elijah’s head into a spin. So much for being optimistic. With an annoyed noise, Elijah went over to grab a pair of gloves. While it would protect him from getting stung when grabbing a billywig, the rest of him was vulnerable in a pair of gym shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. So maybe he didn’t really care if he got stung, but it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t prepared for this.

A voice beside him drug him from his self-imposed foul mood and he turned to look at the person. It was one of the transfers and Elijah didn’t really know her very well. “You’re lucky then,” he commented back, not overly enthusiastic about anything. He’d been stung a couple times, a result of growing up in a muggle home. It was just a hazard of playing outside. “It doesn’t hurt, more of just a pinch. I’m sure if you can be allergic, I would assume so, but I don’t want to get stung by one either way.”

At least, that was what he was going to tell himself. Besides the billywigs, they had to avoid the obnoxious plants too. They were all throwing tantrums – or as much of a tantrum as a plant could throw and to top it all off, they couldn’t even see the pesky creatures they were supposed to be catching. How could he stun them if he couldn’t see them? Chances were he was going to hit another student before he actually hit what he was aiming for. “I’d prefer not to stupefy anyone,” he said, looking around the room. “If I can’t aim at it, I’m more than likely to miss it.” With a frown, the Cetus pulled out his wand and focused. The seventh year muttered a quick Impedimenta, knowing that would slow the target as opposed to stunning them immediately.

“How’s your aim?” He questioned, watching the billywig he’d managed to hit slow significantly. It sped up quickly though, without a stunning charm to stop it completely. “We’ve got a ten second window to stun them once they’ve slowed, but that way we aren’t slinging stunning charms at things we aren’t sure are there.” It would take some teamwork and hopefully the transfer was up for it.

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    • This isn't anyone's ideal day - Elijah Carthy, Wed Dec 20 11:36
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            • Could it? - Elijah, Thu Jan 4 16:09
              Elijah wasn’t sure how fast billywig stings worked. He felt a little giddy, but his feet were still securely on the ground. At least for the moment. It was ridiculous that they had been offered only... more
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