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Wed Dec 20, 2017 15:07

The older student was even less suitably dressed for this than Myfanwy was herself, looking like he’d just come from some sort of field exercise or something. Actually she recognised him, he was one of the Quidditch players, on the Cetus team, so maybe he had, in fact, been practising Quidditch. She didn’t think he was in many of her regular classes, and she didn’t know his actual proper name, but she thought maybe she’d heard people call him TJ or EJ or something like that. He said something that was maybe supposed to be reassuring, about the stings not really hurting, but that also a person could probably be allergic, and that she was lucky that she hadn’t been stung. “Right,” Myffi said, flatly, thinking that he might as well just have told her that it hurts and she’s screwed, essentially.

It was so noisy and crowded in the greenhouses - not to mention the unpleasant odour that was coming from somewhere or something - that it was difficult to hear what was going on. It sounded like the seventh year didn’t want to cast a stunning hex in case he missed the billywigs and hit a person. Myfanwy thought that was a very valid concern, and even moreso considering how some of the plants might react if hit with a stunning curse. The honking daffodils might just wilt, and mercifully stop contributing to the terrible racket surrounding them, but the mandrakes could actually die, and the thicker-membraned species might deflect the hex and be inclined to fight back. Being in a battleground of irate plants versus floating students might make for a fun comic to sketch out later, but Myfanwy had no intention of making that scenario a personal reality.

“How’s your aim?” DJ asked. Myffi followed his line of sight to see he’d managed to slow the progress of a billywig. The fifth year was hesitant to admit she didn’t even take DADA classes, and she wasn’t sure when she’d last needed to cast a stunning hex. She knew the incantation (not just because Professor Bennett had just done it in front of them all, although that had probably helped to jog her memory) but she hadn’t used it much, and certainly not since she’d arrived at RMI at the start of the year.

“I don’t know,” she said honestly to PJ as she passed him, quickly reaching out towards the billywig he had slowed, and catching it securely in her gloved hands. Oh gosh she hoped these gloves were thick enough to stop the sting from getting through to her skin. She assumed so, because otherwise what was the point of her even wearing them? Now she had an insect in her hands, Myffi took it to the cage on the ground of the greenhouse where Professor Bennett had deposited of of the creatures, and she reached her hands over the opening - keeping the rest of her body as far away as the length of her limbs would allow, in case it decided to fly out and sting her - and let the billywig drop safely inside the cage.

Smiling, as much in relief as success, Myffi gave a gloved thumbs-up to whatever-his-name-was and she headed back over, side-stepping an infant tentacluar on her way. “Maybe we don’t need to stun them,” she called over the din. “There are a few spells like that, aren’t there? Like, um, immobilising charms, or ones to stop motion and things like that?” She wasn’t quite sure why her spellwork knowledge was so far from the forefront of her mind, but it would be easy to blame to very distracting surroundings for her lapse in magical knowledge.

“I’m totally spacing on your name,” the Lyra admitted, her Welsh accent as thick as usual. “I’m Myfanwy,” she offered, in case he was in a similarly clueless situation.

  • This isn't anyone's ideal day - Elijah Carthy, Wed Dec 20 11:36
    Elijah was not pleased. For starters, he didn’t even like Magizoobotany. It was an unnecessary class for his chosen careers choice and would do him little good in the long run. But it was a mandatory ... more
    • What would you prefer? - Myfanwy, Wed Dec 20 15:07
      • Anything but this. - Elijah, Fri Dec 29 16:01
        I don't know was not a very reassuring answer and Elijah frowned in response. He belatedly wished that he'd partnered with someone else, but really everyone else was too far away for him to get to.... more
        • It could be worse - Myffi, Thu Jan 4 07:43
          “Immobulus, right,” Myffi nodded. She could give it a try. Her spellwork was pretty good really, at least average, and it was one of those spells that probably wouldn’t cause much damage if her aim... more
          • Could it? - Elijah, Thu Jan 4 16:09
            Elijah wasn’t sure how fast billywig stings worked. He felt a little giddy, but his feet were still securely on the ground. At least for the moment. It was ridiculous that they had been offered only... more
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