Lilly-Anna Shu (Aquilla)
Sometimes it's fun to mess up!
Fri Jan 13, 2017 23:37

Lilly-Anna was starting to get used to the wonder of the world of magic, and now was starting to have fun with it. She had explored so many of the halls of the school but still couldn't find the stinking secret passages that she had heard of. Such a possibility and it was eluding her. She had been tempted to work on tricking the boys hall stairs, but so far had not been successful at coming up with a plan.

She had yet to make many friends, but at least she didn't have any enemies yet. She was glad to be away from the bullies of her old school. She so wished she could rub it in her classmates faces that magic was real. However there was some stupid law or other that prevented her from doing that.

Her first attempts at trying the spells from her textbooks didn't go exactly so well, but she was trying her hardest and hoped that she could do better in class. Lilly-Anna wondered if being muggleborn made it harder for her to do magic or if it mattered. She hoped it wasn't like that.

At breakfast she had barely eaten a thing, excited as she was. However she wasn't used to waking up so early, so it was a subdued sleepy sort of tired. Shuffling to the pitch, she yawned and rubbed her eyes. Ready to learn about this wonderful world she was thrown in, Lilly-Anna paid rapt attention.

That attention soon waned and she found herself letting out a whine here and there, with some impatient foot tapping thrown in. Why did they need to know all of this boring stuff at the first day? She just wanted to learn how to Abracadabra some cool stuff already!

“Now, Today we’re going to be playing a game called Lava Field.”

Lilly-Anna grinned. They were finally at the good stuff! She was quite put off by being told not to try the rope trick. She was sure she could get it if she just tried. Muggleborn or not she was a witch and she was ready to try it all and lord help anyone who didn't want her to! The frogs that came from the hat was a delightful surprise; she wanted to try it!

“Alright buddy? I am so hungry for some chocolate frogs right now so you better be good at this stuff.”

She peered at her pointing companion with wide eyes. He meant her? She gave a small shrug to his statement as she wasn't sure if she was good or not. He asked her of her game plan and she looked around the field.

"Well I don't weigh too much" She gestured to herself. It was true, for her age she was considered tiny. A full 5 inches below the average, and almost 15 pounds lighter. "So I feel like if we can throw me across when needed it could help. Otherwise, if you are good at climbing onto stuff we could always, you know, make rope swings." She shrugged. There were boxes and bits of wood that would work good for that, if she could manage it. "The spots that you need to jump, I could lift the supplies and you can make a rope."

She remembered the professor's warning about the rope. "Um, you can make a rope right?"

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