It's okay, can't shatter hope when you had none anyways
Wed Dec 27, 2017 18:07

Russell, who had already been feeling significantly less energized than the riled-up foliage around them, wilted even further at her snapped response. It was somewhat surprising (a good type of surprising) to realize that neither Marissa nor Holland had spilled the beans about him to Rose, but this was not at all balanced out by the surge of shame that her comments had inspired. "Erm." He couldn't think of anything else to say. There didn't seem to be much point in explaining his disability to Rose. First of all because it was Rose and he didn't exactly have a sense of her as the 'willing to change opinions after a reasonable discussion' or even the 'have a reasonable discussion in the first place' sort of person, and secondly because there were bugs he could barely see apparently trying to sting them right now and that context meant a conversation probably wouldn't go over well at all, and third because it was Rose. He had as much faith in her ability to hate him forever for reasons unknown as he had faith in his ability to never put his finger on why she (and a lot of the others in their yeargroups, for that matter) seemed to hate him.

At least he and Maverick had been getting along for some reason. The other Ceti had, just last week, actively sought out his company while studying. That was baffling. But it had to be a good sign, right?

Anyways. So Rose had both shot him down and his suggestion. Wonderful. (Russell was confused himself as to how that fleeting thought had sounded so sarcastic in his head. It was a good thing he hadn't mistakenly said it aloud. He didn't want to get beat up inside the greenhouse.) She had also made her own suggestion, but he didn't agree with it. Running around with a net - even if it wasn't physically running, just, like, them standing in one place waving their wands - sounded like a great way to agitate all of the plants even more than they already were. But he shouldn't tell Rose that, because he didn't want to come off as more of a moron to her. But also he didn't want to get stung.

He felt something in his peripheral vision and stepped quickly to the side. Oh, that one was a bug. Yep. "A net seems too... complicated," Russell offered hesitantly. "Like, it would be easy for bugs to get out of it. And other bugs could still sting us from every otherr direction. And if we made the netting holes small enough and made it seal up or whatever to catch a bug, then we'd still risk smashing it into the plants. I dunno if it would be-- if the Professor would be okay with us breaking off leaves from the Crawling Ivy. Since it's grown so well and all." Attribute it to the professor instead of his own opinion, yes, good, she would... absolutely see through that... Oh well. Too late now. Trying to think of what else might work, he felt a sharp pinch on his neck and yelped.

  • I hate to break it to you, bud... - Rose, Sat Dec 23 15:50
    Of course it was Russell. Rose would have scowled at that realization if she hadnít been busy wondering how many billywig stings it would take for her to start floating like Professor Bennett. As far ... more
    • It's okay, can't shatter hope when you had none anyways - Russell, Wed Dec 27 18:07
      • I'm glad you came prepared - Rose, Sun Dec 31 22:20
        As Russell continued to speak, Rose continued to stare at him flatly, wondering if he had even listened to a word she had said. Well, it was clear that he had listened, but it wasnít clear if he had... more
        • Um I'm never prepared - Russell, Wed Jan 3 15:19
          Painfully aware, now literally, that Professor Bennett had instructed them not to cause any harm to the bugs, Russell had to fight to keep his hands at his side. It was hard to fight the automatic... more
          • Then I take it back - Rose, Sun Jan 7 10:19
            Probably for the purposes of showing that he wasnít utterly useless, Russell conjured some ice and held it against his neck. Rose raised her eyebrows. Her billywig sting didnít feel like it required... more
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