Okay, but what if you did?
Thu Dec 28, 2017 21:37

Marissa could tell that her suggestion didn’t go over well with Holland. Her friend knew how to hide their feelings from people relatively well, but Marissa wasn’t a People. She knew them. Clearly, what had gone down between Holland and Danny wasn’t nothing. The two of them liked to pretend things were okay, but they weren’t good at it. Really, that was true of their friend group in general.

The Aquila could think of an example for every one of her friends where they pretended they were Totally Fine when they really weren’t (Emmett may have been the only non-example, really; he was pretty open about how consistently un-fine he was). There was Rose after Marissa and Ruben had done the thing, Marissa after Danny had started dating someone else, Danny after all of the stuff related their relationship or lack thereof, and Holland about this.

“What exactly did Danny tell you?”

Ah, that was the conspiracy theorist she knew and loved. The emphasis wasn’t lost on Marissa, who realized she needed to think carefully about what to say next. Honestly, Danny hadn’t told her much of anything. That was suspicious enough, and now Holland was being extra suspicious with that question. Marissa couldn’t exactly place why this was suspicious, but it just was. What could they possibly have argued about?

“Well…” she shrugged a little, trying to decide what to say that would be helpful. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much information. “I could tell that stuff was weird, so I asked Danny what was going on. He just said that something was going on, and I could tell that it wasn’t something he wanted to talk about, because he decided we should be making out instead.” A streak of blue flew towards her and she ducked quickly, pausing before coming back to Holland’s level. “He didn’t really say much else. So… what happened?”

  • Holland took the billywig from Marissa, careful not to injure it, and deposited it in the cage that Professor Bennett had set up. They hoped the Magizoobotany professor had set up the cage so that... more
    • Okay, but what if you did? - Marissa, Thu Dec 28 21:37
      • That sounds like a bad idea - Holland, Fri Dec 29 15:55
        Holland was very tempted to tell Marissa that they didn’t want to talk about this either. This wasn’t true, strictly speaking; they very much wanted to talk to someone about it, but there was no one... more
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