Maverick Buchannan
Yeah, I don't care about the rest of them. Or this one.
Fri Dec 29, 2017 09:50

As ever, Maverick found himself trapped in some school-related dumbassery. In this case, it was an impromptu Magizoobotany class. Admittedly, it was less dumbassery than the stupid babies thing he’d been roped into since at least he actually took this class, but it was still incredibly stupid because it appeared that everyone in the year range was here. If they were going to do mandatory stuff in these classes, why weren’t the classes just mandatory in general? Not that Maverick wanted more work or anything - he barely did the work he already had - but at least that would make sense.

And the more the floating idiot professor explained what was going on, the less credit Maverick gave this whole thing. He did not like billywigs for a number of reasons. First of all, Professor Bennett compared the sting to a bee sting at least in terms of pain, but Mave was immediately made nervous by the comparison because he happened to be allergic to bees, and if the pain was similar, then who knew what else was? And secondly, he described the effect of the sting as something that would “make you float and feel a little giddy”, which sounded immediately a little too close to Suds. The Cetus was generally opposed to things that altered one’s mental state, but this effect in particular was far too reminiscent to his dad’s drug of choice.

That was it. All the explanation and advice they got as they, mere students, were meant to tackle this disaster. Catch them for me. Great. Real mature adults they had around these parts. Mave debated suiting up in protective gear, but in the end he decided against it. He had no intentions of actually assisting in this thing, anyway, so hopefully there was no chance of getting stung. And also the gloves looked dumb and didn’t go with his outfit so, like, no thank you.

A weird billywig floated unnaturally over near him, and it took a moment before he realized the reason it was moving so weird was because it was already stunned and being moved by the power of one of his classmates. Maverick discovered that classmate to be Danny Dubois, and if the Cetus hadn’t been so low key freaked out by the whole billywigs issue, he might have laughed in his face. “Uh, no?” Mave said. “I’m not touching that thing.” But then the pretty boy freaking walked away so, not knowing what else to really do, Mave at least kept an eye on it. “I’m not your bug’s babysitter,” he snapped as soon as the now gloved and stupid-looking boy seemed close enough to hear.

  • Least of my problems - Dardanius Dubois, Wed Dec 20 16:22
    His day had been going pretty well - even McKindy turning several different shades of awkward had been funny enough to make up for the fact that Danny had to somehow get through a one-on-one animagus ... more
    • Yeah, I don't care about the rest of them. Or this one. - Maverick Buchannan, Fri Dec 29 09:50
      • So compassionate - Dardanius , Sat Dec 30 15:58
        Grabbing a pair of gloves for himself, and another for his yearmate, Danny pulled on the only protective gear that had been provided and made his way back over to where Maverick was standing still... more
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