Anything but this.
Fri Dec 29, 2017 16:01

I don't know was not a very reassuring answer and Elijah frowned in response. He belatedly wished that he'd partnered with someone else, but really everyone else was too far away for him to get to. Part of him even missed Lucien. Despite their problems at the end of the previous year, he’d been a capable partner to work with and one of the less irritable ones to boot. With an internal sigh, the seventh year shrugged his shoulders. He supposed that really, there were worse people to be stuck with and it wasn’t so bad to have to deal with this particular person. He didn’t know who the transfer was but, regardless, he had to work with her. And apparently teach her, to a certain extent.

“Right,” he said, watching out of the corner of his eye as the girl grabbed the billywig. That was at least somewhat helpful, considering he certainly wasn’t going to grab one regardless of whether or not he had gloves on. He was showing more skin than he cared to with things that tended to make people float just with a sting. There was a reason that he didn’t take Magizoobotany regularly. The noise in the crowded greenhouse was slowly beginning to bother him and whatever adrenaline he had from his earlier run had worn off as well. Once again, the thought of getting stung appealed to him a little more, despite the negative of floating.

He watched for a moment as others tried to corral the wayward creatures, many flinging stinging hexes in the hopes that it would work. Hopefully he wouldn’t be on the receiving end of one of those particular spells. Making a mental note to avoid the center of the room, Elijah nodded in response. “Yes, there are a few.” Charms were one of his specialties, as well as DADA. It was part of his desired profession after all. “The only thing is that they tend to wear off.” As if on queue, the billywig that the transfer had put in the cage started squirming once again. He flinched at the idea of the stinger meeting skin and focused instead on the current task. “Petrificus Totalus might work, but I’d prefer not to use it.” It was another one of those that if he hit another student a counterspell would be required to fix it and he didn’t have the patience for that. “I’ll stick to Immobulus, I think.”

Elijah didn’t particularly care if the girl used either spell. It was up to her to use whatever she wanted to. If there was another idea that she had, Elijah was certainly open to it, but they probably needed to move a little quicker if they didn’t want to get stung. It really didn’t help that the billywigs were practically invisible as they flew about. He flung another immobilizing charm in a direction where he thought another might be, but turned out to be quite the opposite. The charm flung straight into one of the screaming plants, momentarily freezing it before the charm wore off.

“Guess it can’t work all the time,” he commented to his partner. Hopefully more attempts would be successful but really any attempts were just a guess at best. With an irritated glance towards their floating professor, Elijah caught the tail end of her sentence. Finally, he had a name instead of just “the transfer” (honestly he probably should know what her name was and kind of felt bad about it). “Myfanwy,” he repeated, trying to commit the name to memory. “That’s uh a mouthful.” Hopefully that didn’t sound overly rude, but he figured she might get that a lot.

“I’m Elijah,” he answered her question, chancing a glance over at her. “Some people call me EJ though, which you’re welcome to do if you wa- OW!” The Cetus’ last word was cut off at a sharp pinch in his lower leg. Glancing down, he spotted the billywig that had stung him dart off and he bit back a curse. “I hate this class.” The words, unfortunately, came out much more gleefully than he intended as the giddiness started to show. He was already dreading the idea of floating.

  • What would you prefer? - Myfanwy, Wed Dec 20 15:07
    The older student was even less suitably dressed for this than Myfanwy was herself, looking like he’d just come from some sort of field exercise or something. Actually she recognised him, he was one... more
    • Anything but this. - Elijah, Fri Dec 29 16:01
      • It could be worse - Myffi, Thu Jan 4 07:43
        “Immobulus, right,” Myffi nodded. She could give it a try. Her spellwork was pretty good really, at least average, and it was one of those spells that probably wouldn’t cause much damage if her aim... more
        • Could it? - Elijah, Thu Jan 4 16:09
          Elijah wasn’t sure how fast billywig stings worked. He felt a little giddy, but his feet were still securely on the ground. At least for the moment. It was ridiculous that they had been offered only... more
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